“Giampietro is one of the most creative and original thinkers I know. His courses are full of fun and good energy and attending them you always pick up new insights and ideas – even as an experienced practitioner. I’d definitely recommend his work to others.”

Jeremy O’Carroll – Founder & Director of the Om Reiki Centre, Author of Full Speed

“Great weekend with some amazing people – thank you Giampietro Pascasi & Jade Cavarra. FANTASTIC teachers, Life Changing Course lets hope you can come again to our little island to spread the power of PELLOWAH”  

Sharon Elaine Sands – Founder & Director of Holistic Health Centre Rhodes, Greece


Anna: “Great teaching style from Giampietro and Jade, love both of your energies working together. Loved the humorous part of the course – makes it alive and happy!  Even if you don’t think of practising it, it’s wonderful to expand your conciousness, see yourself differently, understand the current changes in the world and what part we play in it each of us and how we can help to make the change. It’s great for personal growth! As a practitioner I find it a very delicate energy healing and great to work with.”

Wendy: “I would recommend the course not only to other healers but also to anyone interested in increasing their personal spiritual development.  Because sitting in that energy and the enlightenment it gives you highlights how much the source has to offer us if we just trust to allow that within us”

A: “I definitely feel a shift, whilst I was focusing on the precepts within the group, it has helped me release a very old habit of smoking. This is something I have been trying to stop for many years and since the session and smoking the pack I had, I now no longer smoke. It is not even a thought that crosses my mind even in stressful or social situations which usually were my peak times for smoking”

Paul: “Thanks Giampi for such an empowering workshop, I’ve already started using the Dragon Energy and ABM techniques”

Annaliese: “I’ve now had two sessions of Reiki then Pellowah. This is a fabulous way to still the mind and provide clarity on your spiritual journey. Giampi provides a comforting environment during these sessions giving genuine advice, guidance and confirmation regardless of what stage you are within your spiritual space. I look forward to continuing my journey with Giampi and recommend you book a session. I’ve also attended the OM healing meditation, which is a very welcome space”

Eleanor: “It was an exciting workshop, providing valuable information on techniques to remove obstacles towards becoming more authentic. Your methodology is simply structured and suitable for any person, experienced in meditation practice or not”

Anrchna:Giampi’s take on spirituality is functional and practical, thereby making it accessible. I had one session and felt the change in my energy level. The focussed mediation he teaches is powerful stuff

Smitha:Oh God! I never felt this way. It’s amazing. All my gut has now been cleared. I’m on cloud 9…I am ready to conquer the world….Thank you

Innes: “Giampi introduced us to Om Healing..
He runs a great group healing session regularly and I have attended a few now. He is a dedicated and sincere practitioner. Every session brings up new aspects and tingling sensations of energetic revival.”

Puiee: “Heartfelt thanks to Giampi, Jade & and all the wonderful souls that I had the pleasure of connecting with last night. The energies & vibes that our healing session projected was filled with nothing but peace, harmony & synchronicity. Y’all will see me again in two weeks to soak up some more of these beautiful frequencies”

Paulie: “I have been working closely with Giampietro for the past few months, receiving both Reiki and Pellowah healings, which have both been highly effective for me. In addition to his skills as an energy healing practicioner, Giampi has readily shared his wealth of wisdom with me, providing me with sound spiritual guidance. Never one to take life too seriously, Giampi’s approach is down to earth yet professional, and his advice is poetic yet practical. I would highly recommend Giampietro’s services”

Jacqui: “Thank you for the incredibly powerful experience of participating in Om Chanting for the first time. I’ll definitely be back for more good vibrations :)”

Shelley: “With a lot going on in my life I was looking for something to help settle my mind. Having a reiki session with Giampietro gave me the chance to be still in the chaos of my life and relax. All I wanted to do was relax and receiving reiki gave me that chance and I loved it. As my mind gets busy and my body feels the effects I’ll definitely be returning to Giampietro for more sessions!”

Suz: “A wonderful awakening! Since my pellowah treatment I’ve experienced a deep sense of calm like never before and I am attracting many new and wonderful experiences throughout my day. I’ve also found it easier to offer compassion and love towards others in my day-to-day interactions instead of getting caught up in an unconscious egoic story.The treatment has also allowed me to get clear about my future plans and take action to live my passion fully and in alignment with the universe.Giampietro is a compassionate practitioner who works from his heart centre”

Taylah: “I experienced a variety of things, my thoughts, emotions and feelings were from negative to disturbing to totally being gone within seconds! ….. As I arose from laying down my mind was so clear, it felt like I was a new person with still the same problems but my mind could handle it and accepted these stress factors in my life, I had no tension in my mind or body! IT WAS ALL GONE!”

Jerkin: “Thanks for last nights Om meeting. The flow of energy in the room was an awesome experience. Definitely was good for relaxation and calming of the mind”

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