Who is Pellowah for?

We are here in Europe, enjoying the hot summer sun. It’s been a fantastic experience, travelling around, meeting new people and sharing the Pellowah energy with others. We’ve had an extremely exciting yet intense few months moving our work from Australia to Europe. We’ve so far facilitated Pellowah courses in Turin and London, with an upcoming course in Greece. During the tour we have encountered some wonderful souls who have expressed positive feedback about the course and the benefit it has had on them. Please see our testimonials page for this feedback.

During the courses we were curious as to how and why people signed up for it, so we began to ask the students. We found that these students who stumbled across the advertisement had an immediate calling for Pellowah and felt that they had to find out more and learn about it. The students say that they were naturally drawn to the name and once they read the description they felt they needed to join the course. It seems as though Pellowah is the missing piece of the puzzle, a piece you once had and were familiar with but have now been reunited with it and it feels comfortable working with the energy.

We will now be basing our centre in Berlin, commencing with regular Pellowah and Reiki courses but also travelling to Turin, London, Greece to facilitate Pellowah courses. We are excited about the journey ahead and will keep you updated.

If you have any questions regarding Pellowah or any other modalities we offer, please get in touch .. we’d love to hear from you.

Infinite Blessings,



Kreuzberg District Reiki Courses , Berlin, Germany

Om-i specializes in alternative medicine, energy healing disciplines such as Reiki, Pellowah and Om Sound Meditation in Berlin, Germany. We also provide private one-on-one or group meditation sessions for beginners on request and run our unique “Dragon Energy and Applied Breakthrough Meditation course.

Email: ominsieme@gmail.com
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ominsieme/

Skype: giampipi1
We work by appointment only, Contact us by email at ominsieme@gmail.com

Home visits also available by arrangement
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Have a beautiful day!

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Reiki Tempelhof, Energy self development

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Alternative therapies / Energy Healing, Pellowah, Reiki

Welcome To Berlin Om-i

“Om-i” is dedicated to people that are seeking to restore a natural sense of balance and well-being to their lives perhaps set on a path of self discovery inclined to access the whole of consciousness.

An unbalanced condition can also be responsible not only by disorientation in life but also effects such as restlessness, anxiety, lack of concentration, lack of self confidence, feeling demotivated, sometimes muscular and joint pain as well as headaches and stomachaches.

Through the practice of Healing methods such as Reiki, Pellowah and Om Healing it is possible to overcome these manifestations and happily replace them with; relaxation, calmness, focus, self acceptance, clarity, determination and a can do attitude, etc.

When we are in a balanced state, answers come flowingly, we tend to see things and events from different prospectives therefore we accept their positive nature and aspects working with it instead of wasting energy, most likely producing opposite results we aimed to achieve, in fighting the course of events which is merely the consequence of our choices and attitudes towards manifestations and requirements.

The basic principle, on which these techniques work, is to collaborate with energy fields and energy currents that exist within and around us, which are able to remove blockages therefore creating a “shift in consciousness” that enables and improves our own natural self healing powers and capabilities to then be able to view the ongoing situation from a more efficient prospective.

Reiki, Pellowah and Om Healing are 100% efficient in increasing meditative abilities thus restoring a deep connection with your true self.

Once we have created balance it is also easier to deal with all sort of other uncomfortable habits such as smoking, excessive drinking or eating.

Om-insieme (pronounced “in’sjÉme) originated in Italy where it takes its name from. Insieme in Italian means “together”, “group”,”united” as the aim of Om-insieme is to reinforce that sense of Oneness opening to the individual that stream that connect him to  the state of consciousness which is a the base of the whole Universe operating system therefore promoting a sense of peace, balance, connectedness and well-being at a physical level. These effects reinforce us as Individual and as a Whole increasing our own self healing abilities.

The practice of Reiki, Pellowah and Om Healing helps us to realign ourself within and around us enabling our own abilities to heal therefore establishing a sense of positiveness and well-being, creating a shift on a Physical, Emotional and Spiritual level.

Where are we.

Om-i is taking bookings for Reiki and Pellowah in Berlin, Germany and holding regular Om Circles Meditation.

*Distant Healing Sessions and home visits available, conditions apply.

If you thought an energy healing session is what you were looking for, book it in now!

We adopt Satisfaction Guarantee System, this means that if you are un satisfied with the treatment we will refund the full amount.

For more information do not hesitate to explore the other pages of this website relative to each of our practice and to book a session please contact Giampietro on 0044 784 8293 224, send us an e-mail at ominsieme@gmail.com or visit our Facebook page “Om-i“.

Blessings to all



*with DHS (Distant Healing Sessions) it is possible to receive healing energies regardless of distances between the receiver and the practitioner.


As we put 100% effort and preparation in each treatment this will determine your commitment with the practice. For this reason the deposit, payable also by PayPal, is transferable (up to 24h prior the treatment) but not refundable.

The deposit will be refunded only if you are un-happy with the result as it stands on our Satisfaction Guarantee System.

We appreciate your understanding.

Giampietro Pascasi,

Co-founder at Om-insieme

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