Who is Pellowah for?

We are here in Europe, enjoying the hot summer sun. It’s been a fantastic experience, travelling around, meeting new people and sharing the Pellowah energy with others. We’ve had an extremely exciting yet intense few months moving our work from Australia to Europe. We’ve so far facilitated Pellowah courses in Turin and London, with an upcoming course in Greece. During the tour we have encountered some wonderful souls who have expressed positive feedback about the course and the benefit it has had on them. Please see our testimonials page for this feedback.

During the courses we were curious as to how and why people signed up for it, so we began to ask the students. We found that these students who stumbled across the advertisement had an immediate calling for Pellowah and felt that they had to find out more and learn about it. The students say that they were naturally drawn to the name and once they read the description they felt they needed to join the course. It seems as though Pellowah is the missing piece of the puzzle, a piece you once had and were familiar with but have now been reunited with it and it feels comfortable working with the energy.

We will now be basing our centre in Berlin, commencing with regular Pellowah and Reiki courses but also travelling to Turin, London, Greece to facilitate Pellowah courses. We are excited about the journey ahead and will keep you updated.

If you have any questions regarding Pellowah or any other modalities we offer, please get in touch .. we’d love to hear from you.

Infinite Blessings,



Reiki Tempelhof, Energy self development

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Om Circle Meditation Berlin, Germany

Om-insieme originated in Italy after and was developed from the practice of the Om Healing technique of the Dhyana Centre in London.
Om is a very powerful sound, the syllable is the main ingredient of this technique and ‘insieme’ is an Italian word that means ‘together’, ‘group’, ‘united’.
The fundamental of this ancient method is to chant the spiritual syllable all together in a group thus creating the flow of energy responsible for healing effects.
The modalities we practice at Om-insieme are also a group and ‘together’. With a reinvigorated sense of ‘unity’ derived from an expanded state of consciousness, we can contribute to the development of a more harmonious world.

Co-founder and Practitioner
Giampietro Pascasi

Giampi , Om-i

Born in L’Aquila Italy, Giampietro had its first encounter with energy fields at early age. Later in life, he discovered the power of mantras and connected with the Soka Gakkay for a short period of time. Moving forward, Giampietro attended a seven week meditation course held by the Dhyana Centre in London, where he also became familiar with the Om Healing practice, under the auspices of the Theosophical Society (London branch).
Giampietro then become a member of Theosophical Society (TS) in 2010 and was awarded of a Diploma in Theosophical Studies in 2013.
The benefit he received from the practice of Om Healing encouraged him to bring it with him back to Italy and create a group under the name of Om-insieme. Om-i has extended the practice to many places around Italy and Australia.
The aim of the group is to introduce the practice to as many people as possible in order to help them to re-establish a deeper connection with consciousness as individuals and as a whole and to heal the planet and all forms of life in order to assist with the evolutionary plan.
Since recently moving to Australia, he came across something he had wanted to do for a while and so began his way to the Reiki practice and became a Reiki Master in Traditional Eastern Usui Reiki Ryoho and become a member of the Australian Reiki Connetion inc. ( ARC ).
He also became Pellowah healing technique practitioner.
Giampietro is now devoted to the practice of these healing methods and gives regular treatments and run several courses.

Om Circle Meditation is an ancient group healing activity based on chanting the syllable OM for a set period of time in a specific formation. This healing modality is at the foundation of Om-insieme (Om-together) from which our name derives.
Whilst chanting the syllable, it is possible to realign ourselves within and around us thus creating a shift on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. The strong vibration of the Om syllable generates a flow of energy which removes existing and future energy blockages and thus strengthens our bio-energetic field and contributes to self healing abilities. On a physical level, when all the organs resonate at the same frequency they tend to harmonise and cooperate more efficiently thus promoting health benefits.
This activity is also highly recommended to those people looking to improve their meditative abilities and also beginners who are taking their first steps.
The aim of Om-insieme is to expand the practice of Om Healing to as many people as possible in order to contribute to a more harmonious world (for ourselves, others and mother Earth).
Om healing is open to all people without any exclusions for cultural, national, religious or any other reason.
Dragon Energy and Breakthrough Meditation is a personally developed meditation technique that use the power of the energy residing within and without us and it helps us to reconnect with our state of consciousness. It establishes a strong feeling in the Third Eye (also called Brow Chakra or Ajna Chakra) and to the Crown Chakra whilst activating both pineal and pituitary glands.
These particular bio energetic points and glands, reside in our head usually represented by a feeling in between the eyebrows and top of the crown.
These particular spots direct our sight and everyday awareness of the physical reality, guide our intuitions as the centre of perception and command. They represent our way to wisdom and allow us to learn from our experiences and put them in perspective (brow chakra) and improve our connection with forces greater than us. It would be more appropriate to say it lets us work on higher vibrations thus connecting us to and working together with the forces of the Universe whilst developing trust, devotion, inspiration and positivity (crown chakra).
The insights of such discipline maybe various depending on the individual and usually helps to promote peace and relaxation within and around us together with strengthening our focus and ability to reorganise our frameworks.

The investment is payable by paypal or bank transfer
email: ominsieme@gmail.com
For more enquires do not hesitate to contact me.
Bright Light to All,

Hi ! We are very happy to hear from you and help you with any healing requirements.
For bookings, queries and feedback please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Email: ominsieme@gmail.com
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ominsieme/
Giampietro’s phone: +44 784 8293 224
Skype: giampipi1

Home visits also available by arrangement
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Have a beautiful day!


Shelley: “With a lot going on in my life I was looking for something to help settle my mind. Having a reiki session with Giampietro gave me the chance to be still in the busyness of my life and relax. All I wanted to do was relax and receiving reiki gave me that chance and I loved it. As my mind gets busy and my body feels the effects I’ll definitely be returning to Giampietro for more sessions!”

Suz: “A wonderful awakening! Since my pellowah treatment I’ve experienced a deep sense of calm like never before and I am attracting many new and wonderful experiences throughout my day. I’ve also found it easier to offer compassion and love towards others in my day-to-day interactions instead of getting caught up in an unconscious egoic story.The treatment has also allowed me to get clear about my future plans and take action to live my passion fully and in alignment with the universe.Giampietro is a compassionate practitioner who works from his heart centre.”

Taylah: ” I experienced a variety of things, my thoughts, emotions and feelings were from negative to disturbing to totally being gone within seconds! ….. As I arose from laying down my mind was so clear, it felt like I was a new person with still the same problems but my mind could handle it and accepted these stress factors in my life, I had no tension in my mind or body! IT WAS ALL GONE!”

Jerlyn: ” Thanks for last nights Om meeting. The flow of energy in the room was an awesome experience Definitely was good for relaxation and calming of the mind”

Read more: http://www.naturaltherapypages.com.au/connect/om-insieme/about_us/47945#ixzz40BVAnoP0

p style=”text-align:left;”>“Om-i” is dedicated to people that are seeking to restore or to maintain a natural sense of balance and well-being to their lives. Perhaps this is set on a path of self discovery with the inclination to access the whole of consciousness.
An unbalanced condition can be responsible for disorientation in life and also effects such as restlessness, anxiety, lack of concentration, lack of self confidence, demotivation, sometimes muscular and joint pain as well as headaches and stomachaches.
Through the practice of Healing methods such as:

*Om Healing
*Sound Meditation

it is possible to overcome these manifestations and happily replace them with: relaxation, calmness, focus, self acceptance, clarity, determination and a can do attitude, etc.
When we are in a balanced state, answers come flowingly, we tend to see things and events from different prospectives. Therefore, we accept their positive nature and aspect working with them instead of wasting energy, most likely producing opposite results we aimed to achieve, in fighting the course of events which is merely the consequence of our choices and attitudes towards life.
The basic principle on which these techniques work, is to collaborate with energy fields and energy currents that exist within and around us, which are able to remove blockages therefore creating a “shift in consciousness” that enables and improves our own natural self healing powers and capabilities and we can then view the ongoing situation from a more efficient prospective.
Reiki, Pellowah and Om Healing are 100% efficient in increasing meditative abilities and thus restore a deep connection with your true self.
Once we have created balance, it is also easier to deal with all sort of other uncomfortable habits such as smoking, excessive drinking or eating if you offer from them.
Om-insieme (pronounced “in’sjÉme) originated in Italy where it takes its name from. Insieme in Italian means “together”, “group”,”united” as the aim of Om-insieme is to reinforce that sense of Oneness opening to the individual the stream that connects them to the state of consciousness which is the basis of the whole Universe’s operating system. This therefore, promotes a sense of peace, balance, connectedness and well-being at a physical level. These effects reinforce us as individuals and as a whole increasing our own self healing abilities.
The practice of Reiki, Pellowah and Om Healing helps us to realign ourselves within and around us and enables our own abilities to heal. In turn, this establishes a sense of positiveness and well-being that creates a shift on a physical, emotional and spiritual levels.
Om-i Locations
Om-i is conducting Reiki and Pellowah sessions in Ivanhoe and holding regular Om Healing sessions around Melbourne, Australia.
*Distance healing sessions and home visits available by arrangement.
If you think an energy healing session will help you then contact us for a booking now!
We have a Satisfaction Guarantee System.
This means that if you are not satisfied with the treatment we will refund the full amount.
For more information, explore this website.
To book a session please sms or call Giampietro on 0481 082 721
e-mail: ominsieme@gmail.com

Blessings to all!

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*For Distance Healing Sessions, it is possible to receive healing energies regardless of distance between the receiver and the practitioner.
** We require a $10 deposit when booking an appointment for Reiki or Pellowah session.
Since we put 100% effort and preparation into each treatment this will show your commitment to holistic health. The $10 deposit (payable by bank transfer or PayPal) is not refundable.

Bank Details:

Westpac Bank
Account Name: Giampietro Pascasi
BSB: 733073
Account Number 877493
PayPal acount ID: ominsieme@gmail.com
The deposit will be refunded only if you are truly unhappy with the result of a completed Om-i healing session as part of the Satisfaction Guarantee System.

We appreciate your understanding.

Giampietro Pascasi,

Co-founder at Om-insieme

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Alternative therapies / Energy Healing, Healing, Pellowah

Pellowah Melbourne Australia Ivanhoe

Pellowah is one of the newest energy healing techniques. Pellowah means “a radical shift in consciousness” which is more of a concept than an actual translation.
When operating with Pellowah energy, a practitioner works on the aura field of the client enabling the meridians and centres to realign therefore opening the possibility of growth and change and building a new framework without trauma thus creating the shifting result.
Pellowah expands consciousness, gives new perspective and helps us to be able to make better choices as a result.
The shift with Pellowah happens from the inside out as Pellowah activates you so you generate or rediscover the light from within.

Pellowah at Om-insieme

Sessions available and investment:
45 mins – $50
60 mins – $65
Child (0-16):
20 mins – $30
20 mins – $45
Distance Healing also available
50mins – $45
distance healing allows you to receive healing everywhere you are regardless of distance, give us a call or write an email today to discover more about it and book a session. Remember we have a Satisfaction Guarantee System which means that if you are not happy with the treatment we will refund the entire amount.
If you have particular requests or to book an appointment and for all enquires please call Giampietro on 0481 082 721
e-mail ominsieme@gmail.com
(Please note bookings require a $10 deposit)
Have a nice day!

Pellowah Healing

About Pellowah Healing

Pellowah healing is a simple, powerful and effective way to bring positive change into your life. You will make better choices, look at everything with a new perspective, your attitude towards life and situations will change thus creating a positive shift. Pellowah is great for working on emotional blockages in your life. Pellowah is a “non contact / hands off” healing modality.

About Pellowah

Pellowah is an Angelic word for ‘radical shift in consciousness’. This form of healing connect all 12 strands of DNA ready for activation. It also unblocks and realigns all meridians within the body giving a feeling of connection and well-being. As the name suggest it also results in a radical shift in consciousness. Pellowah can be used in absent healing and can also be used to heal pets and plants.

In many powerful forms of healing subsequent results of change and growth can be cathartic as old frameworks are broken down to create new ones. This is not the case with Pellowah. The growth and change brought about by Pellowah helps a person to build on their old frameworks without the trauma. Through this form of healing the client becomes less involved in other people’s lives. They have a new perspective, therefore making better choices. Pellowah expands their consciousness helping them to become more objective.

Many other forms of healing produce positive feelings that generally last 2 days to a week. Pellowah provides a feeling of well-being that seems to last, and in fact gets stronger as time goes by.

Alternative therapies / Energy Healing, Healing, Reiki

Reiki Melbourne Ivanhoe

Reiki is probably the most popular energy healing technique in western culture although its origins are in Japan.
The reason can be found in the way Reiki Ryôhô evolved. The REIKI (literally translated as “Spiritual Energy”) frequencies were sourced by a Japanese man named Mikao Usui during the early 20th century. Following a mix of traditions (particularly Japanese Buddhism), Usui sought after a personal path to enlightenment. He then developed a method (“Ryôhô”) based on 5 pillars where hands on healing was only one of them.
Through time and with the necessity to pass this method from a “Master” (“Teacher” maybe more appropriate as nobody has been able to confirm that they have mastered the technique not even Usui himself) to a student, Mikao elaborated a set of mantras, symbols and precepts together with meditation and healing (note: it’s not sure that Mikao adopted the various hands positions that we see now characterising the technique) that enable the apprentice to better harmonise with the energy thus better following and succeeding through the path of enlightenment.
Not many years after Reiki’s foundation, times changed in Japan and although Reiki already had many school of thought it almost disappeared.
It was transmitted to western culture through a Japanese-Hawaiian lady named Hawayo Takata, who learnt from one of the Mikao Usui students. Reiki spread rapidly in the United States first and into the rest of the world. It developed into a huge range of diverse varieties that have the same common root, Mikao. Only recently, the western wing of Reiki has met again with the traditional one and a new vision of this method had arisen.

How does it work?
The energy (Ki) is said to enter the practitioner and be driven throughout their body, arms and hands to work on the bio-energetic field of the client.
The flow of energy is the responsible of the removal of blockages and realignment of the centres (also known as chakras and meridians) allowing a self healing process to take place thus leaving a sense of well being as a result.
The technique doesn’t involve nudity and/or any sexual practices and it can be with or without touch.
The length of a session might depend on requests. It varies from 15 min to 1 hour as required.
The client lies or sits comfortably while the practitioner operates with its combination of hand positions.

Reiki Ryôhô at Om-insieme
Om-insieme’s Giampietro Pascasi is a Master Level of the Traditional Japanese Method and is member of and listed professional of ARC (Australian Reiki Connection), the leading Australian Reiki Association .
Sessions available and investment:
30 mins – $40
45 mins – $60
60 mins – $80
3 x 45 mins – $150
Distance Healing also available
50mins – $45
Distance healing allows you to receive healing anywhere and everywhere regardless of distance. Give us a call or email today to discover more about us and book a session.
Remember that at Om-insieme we have a Satisfaction Guarantee System that means that if you are not happy with the treatment we will refund the entire amount.
If you have any particular requests or to book an appointment don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0481 082 721 or e-mail: ominsieme@gmail.com
(Please note that to make a booking $10 deposit is necessary) .
Have a lovely day!!

Healing with Reiki in Hospitals

The healing art of reiki is finding a surprising new home—high-tech Western hospitals.

In today’s hospitals, we see a brilliant show of hands—from the dexterity of a finely trained surgeon to the strong and efficient handiwork of a nurse. Soon, more hospitals might be adding the balancing touch of a reiki practitioner to their ranks.

Pamela Miles, a reiki master with 27 years of experience, advises Western health care professionals on how they can use this Japanese practice of “laying-on hands” to help ease pain, relieve stress, and speed recovery.

“When the human system is balanced, its self-healing mechanisms function optimally,” she says, noting studies have found that in addition to reducing pain and anxiety, reiki can improve blood pressure, respiration, heart rate, and heart-rate variability.

Miles participated in a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, in which reiki-trained nurses gave patients a 20-minute treatment within three days after a heart attack. The patients showed enhanced mood, and the improvement in heart-rate variability was comparable to beta blockers—an important indicator, since poor HRV is the most reliable predictor of death from another heart attack.

A growing number of physicians are recognizing the benefits of this healing practice, including cardiologist Suzanne Steinbaum, the director of Women and Heart Disease at Lenox Hill Hospital, Heart and Vascular Institute, in New York City, and author of Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum’s Heart Book. Steinbaum took Miles’ first-degree reiki training course, and approaches her work with the conviction that patients will heal best if their care is in line with their lifestyle and beliefs.

As an example, she recalls a female patient with irregular heartbeats caused by hyperthyroidism who had been advised to get a cardiac ablation (a corrective heart-rhythm procedure) or surgery on her thyroid. But the woman was reluctant to undergo surgery and sought to alleviate her condition with reiki, acupuncture and herbal medicine. So Steinbaum made a deal with the patient—she could try a holistic approach, but under her doctor’s supervision.

“After five to six months, we started to see improvements, and by eight months, her thyroid normalized,” says Steinbaum. “I knew that if I didn’t help her, she was going to do it anyway, so I decided it was a better option for her to at least be monitored.”

The results didn’t surprise Miles, who says, “Although people usually feel better quickly—no small thing when you are suffering—the balancing effects of Reiki practice often build slowly when there is a chronic condition. When there is trauma such as an injury or surgery, however, the effects of balancing the system can be quite dramatic.”

Reiki practitioner Nancy Arnott witnessed such improvement frequently during Miles’ 100-hour Reiki internship program on the general surgery floor of Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan. There, Arnott treated a wide range of patients, from 19-year-olds with appendectomies to 85-year-olds recovering from cancer surgery, all in varying degrees of pain. Pre- and post-scores showed reduction in pain and anxiety with reiki treatment.

“Some people who are religious told me they saw Jesus Christ” during sessions, Arnott says. “They went deep within and connected to the spiritual part of them.”

Keely Garfield learned to practice reiki with Miles, and took her Medical Reiki Intensive. Garfield is now the clinical coordinator of the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy program at the Farber Center for Radiation Oncology.

Garfield saw reiki come to the rescue during the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, when she offered treatments to abandoned babies, orphans, doctors, nurses, and staff at the NPH St. Damien’s Pediatric Hospital and Orphanage. Reiki’s calming effects were evident, including with an autistic toddler who was blind, partially deaf, and self-stimulating by rocking back and forth in her crib.  Garfield recalls placing her hands on the girl’s chest and belly and feeling the girl became still, her frenetic breathing softening. When she sang to her, the girl turned her face in her direction, and Garfield felt a gentle connection.

In addition to her private classes, Miles also trains doctors and nurses to practice reiki, including staff at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, and Yale Medical School. “In the home or in health care, the care of others begins with the care of the caregiver,” Miles says. “Empowering professionals with a daily self-care practice naturally makes them better caregivers, and practicing reiki for just a few moments can help settle distressed patients.”

Studying Reiki

There are no standards for Reiki practice or education, and it is up to the students to identify a qualified Reiki teacher. Pamela Miles’ book, REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide (Tarcher/Penguin) explains what to look for. “It’s really a buyer beware situation, “ says Miles. “Look for a 10-12 hour in-person First Degree group class with a teacher who practices daily Reiki self-treatment.”

Here are some tips for locating a Reiki class and Reiki Master:

  • Competence: Make sure the teacher practices daily hands-on self-treatment and examine her training (it should take years) and lineage.
  • Presence: Look for someone who is even-tempered, professional, articulate, and non-judgmental.
  • Relationship: Choose a teacher who is reputable and with whom you have a genuine rapport.