Om Healing Meditation

Om Circles practice is an ancient group  activity based on chanting the syllable OM for a set period of time in a specific formation. This healing technique is at the foundation of Om-insieme (Om-together) from which our name derives.
Whilst chanting the syllable, it is possible to realign ourselves within and around us thus creating a shift on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. The strong vibration of the Om syllable generates a flow of energy which removes existing energy blockages and thus strengthens our bio-energetic field and contributes to self healing abilities. On a physical level, when all the organs resonate at the same frequency they tend to harmonize and cooperate more efficiently thus promoting health benefits, on a mental and emotional level, the opportunity to break the thinking routine and be in contact with the true self helps to reorganize positively efficient thinking patterns and frameworks.

Working on the heart center this practice is primarily based on the strong force of Love, the ability to connect to one another therefore enhance the ability to heal.
This activity is also highly recommended to those people looking to improve their meditative abilities and also beginners who are taking their first steps.
The aim of Om-insieme is to expand the practice of Om circles to as many people as possible in order to contribute to a more harmonious world (for ourselves, others and mother Earth).
Om Circles Meditation is open to all people without any exclusions for cultural, national, religious or any other reason.

It is requested that you will stay with the group for the entire length of the practice (90 minutes). A short briefing prior to commencement is necessary (especially for the newcomers) thus we kindly ask you to arrive on time.

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