Our Manifest-Action plan is one of the most recent technologies we have added to our overall program for self-development and consists in using general principles of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) a practical meditations plan called Applied Breakthrough Meditation (ABM) to achieve a breakthrough and create balance, a strategic planning method exclusively drafted from the Om Reiki Connection team to help to manifest your goals and the life you want all supported by specific mantras that allow the rediscovery, and application of a strong energy flow, that we called Dragon Energy, and that lies within any one of us.

The practical meditations reflect on basic and fundamental aspects of life including core values and the rules that you offer to yourself, to maintain these values safe and sound. These meditations allow you to detect blockages, reframe and reorganise your operating system and be free from arising conflicts within, in case there are any, that can stop you to be who you want to be, becoming more efficient and productive.

By all means, using this technique, it is possible to tap into the unconscious mind. This will make possible for you to be able to detect, break and neutralise negative thought patterns, creating new and more efficient ones. Live your life to its full potential without unnecessary stress and manifesting physically what you want or merely accepting things peacefully the way they are if this is the case.

Working on your learned behaviour with some self-developed and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) concepts, you can re-access your database and change those patterns that creates conflicts introducing more productive and efficient ones.
Working with practical meditations and introducing a simple yet efficient action plan method specifically designed, you can follow effective steps which allow you to reach your goals or better accepting your ordinary conditions.

With the practice of mantras, you can be re-attuned to specific and personal vibrations that open up new ways of communicating within yourself and with the external world, favouring more focus and the making of effective choices.

In this workshop, you will be discovering your true nature and the ability to be the best version of yourself gaining the strength to create the life you want. The structure of this event enables you to break thoughts and emotional patterns, therefore, the possibility to build new and more effective ones and to restore clarity and focus on promoting healing where needed.

The main subjects are:

  • Introduction
  • Breaking the patterns and creating a space
  • Manifest-Action method analysis and key points.
  • Dragon energy mantras, meditation, and attunement
  • Applied Breakthrough Meditation technique by applying the Dragon Energy and life aspects and learned reactions.
  • Silent Meditations
  • A structure you can integrate with your daily routine to improve your performances

We accessed this method through our search, effort, and practice, therefore, we appreciate commitment and contribution from those who are inclined to better themselves with our support, for this reason, this method is offered by a suggested donation of €50 minimum per initial session for those with delicate financial situations. You will agree to continue your practice with dedication and responsibility.

Value of this workshop in its full extension is 170 (this include a follow-up session one week after the initial session)

Ongoing sessions: €50

If you have particular requests or to book an appointment, please contact us!


A bit about the practice

Meditation and Energy work played a significant role in my personal development and still plays a prominent role in my life.

I practice every day and every day it offers me new perspectives, it helps me get out of stagnant thought patterns and create valuable ones. We will start by creating a space and activating your Chakras by breathing and light movement exercises, to be more sensitive and responsive to energy fields within and around you.

Meditation and energy have depth. What does this mean? It means that the more you do it, the more you discover a new layer, a new corner, a further stimulus, a new fascinating side of things and yourself. Basically, there is the possibility of infinite growth.

This and much more are the aspects of meditation and energy work that enable you to make the difference and allow you to create the life you want for yourself. These elements are practical and applicable to your daily life experience.

You might portray Meditation to be sitting in a place with your eyes closed waiting for something to happen and bored to death waiting for the gong to play the end of it.

Thinking and stressing out that the whole process should be thoughtless while your mind is running from a corner to another of the universe instead is a common misunderstanding of what meditation is, a list at the start.

Waiting for spiritual revelations that will transform your life could be an unnecessary spent of time. Expecting to transcend to parallel forms of reality where the essence of life has revealed to you in all its characters could be not the approach you will experience with the initial practice of meditation. All of this can be a deceiving picture of what Meditation should be so here we go that one time you have tried it, you are then ready to give it up. What this sort of practice that commonly goes under the name of meditation is actually an exercise of reducing the mental activity on the conscious level to give the opportunity to yourself to restore sense completeness, peace and well being. All sort of physical benefits is also associated with it.

Re-joy yourself!! Meditation can be fun, colourful, useful and you could be capable of bringing some presents home with it. Applying what you have learned about yourself to your ordinary life to transform it and manifest the best you want from it is possible.

Yes, this is not a dream, this is all possible, all you need is dedication, application, perseverance and the right tools. You can make a change when you face your responsibility, no one can do it for you so you can stop wasting your time waiting for it and take action instead!

With meditation, you can really be the change you want to see for yourself.


“I definitely feel a shift, while I was focusing on the precepts within the group, it has helped me release an ancient habit of smoking. This is something I have been trying to stop for many years and since the session and smoking the pack I had, I now no longer smoke. It is not even a thought that crosses my mind even in stressful or social situations which usually were my peak times for smoking.”

“Your explanations using stories, examples and comparisons were excellent and easy to understand, and I’m sure gave confidence to the participants including myself.”

“It was an exciting workshop, providing valuable information on techniques to remove obstacles towards becoming more authentic. Your methodology is simply structured and suitable for any person, experienced in meditation practice or not.”

“You offer a gift for others to awaken and/or explore their inner spiritual self, to become more self-aware and to shake off negative emotions that cloud logical thinking and behaviours while aiming for a sustained level of contentment, is unique and I am grateful to be part of your first group.”

“Giampi’s take on spirituality is functional and practical, thereby making it accessible.
I had one session and felt the change in my energy level. The focused meditation he teaches is powerful stuff.”