364 Days of Excellence – Day 13

What an auspicious day for such a topic. Lucky 13. A bakers dozen. Breaking a mirror, walking under a ladder, finding a four leaf clover or finding a wishbone. Good Luck. Bad Luck. Lucky. Unlucky.


The concept of Luckiness has been a long standing member in the club of cultural beliefs since we can remember. Defined in the Cambridge as ‘’a success or failure apparently bought by chance rather than one’s own actions’’, we all know that Lady Luck can be a fickle mistress. Sometimes bestowing numerous gifts & opportunities upon us, and other times taking almost everything away simply because ‘’she felt like it’’. We have Gods, Goddesses & Deities of Luck. We worship & pray to them in the belief that by offering them what we have, we curry their favour into showering us with more luck. There are all sorts of beliefs & rituals to be followed, sacrifices to be given in the name of goods & fortunes, catechisms to heeded.


Lo & behold, when a shower of Luck then miraculously appears, it solidifies that belief in staying in Lady Luck’s good books, thus the cycle continues.


Now, we are not saying that there is no such thing as luck & that everything in the Universe is quantified into dry, unimaginative processes. To a certain degree, every one of us believes in this invisible hand of Fate that either gives or stings. We all have the anecdotal proof that Luck exists. Finding $10 on the ground? Lucky! Getting that last Tim Tam from the box? Double lucky! Breaking a plate by accident? Unlucky. Your laptop breaking down just before your big presentation? Sorry mate, that’s just your luck.


When we speak about Luck & its presence in our lives, we generally refer to this abstract notion of an Unseen Force, an Invisible Hand ‘’up there’’ who decides, for reasons beyond our mortal understandings, that some people deserve more luck than others. And that when something bad happens to us, we have in some way invoked the displeasure of this Master/Mistress. Really brings you back to the good old days of superstition & wrathful Gods, doesn’t it?


In truth, these notions about Luck form portions of our cultural & ancestral identities. They are as diverse as we are & we should be proud in honouring, continuing & keeping these traditions alive. But just like everything in Life: moderation, understanding & active participation are the brushes in which you will paint your masterpiece with.





If you haven’t figured out the tune we have been singing up till now; here’s a gentle reminder. We are not puppets in this Great Dance. We are not insignificant beings whos every whim & direction is decided by a mysterious, Universal Source. We are the masters of our own ships. We are the Queens & Kings of our own Destiny. We may draw influences & inspiration from esoteric, spiritual & supernatural forces but we are not necessarily ruled by them. We are sovereign Beings with the power to affect our lives.



There are many parallels between Luck & Gambling. While we won’t go into detail about it, the basic premise is that we keep playing our chips in the hopes that our results will continue (Good Luck) or change (Bad Luck). Blindly entrusting our worth into probability & chance. Not only is this a hugely disempowering way of thinking & action, but it doesn’t make much logical sense as well! Who or what decrees the distribution of luck?


The answer is Us. We are the ones who decide what good luck & bad luck is. Everything is a result of an action & reaction; to borrow Sir Isaac Newton’s famous theory. There is an equal & opposite reaction the many ‘’mysterious’’ chances that we get thrust into. An easy example is getting stuck in traffic. A part of you may believe that this came about simply as a stroke of bad luck, but the more logical part of you knows that if you left 10 minutes earlier you could’ve had a smoother trip.


We’ve certainly had moments in our lives where we believe that Luck does exist & allow ourselves to bask in this moment of joyous serendipity, but the larger portion of cause-effect happens as a result of cause & effect.





It is as this point that the ardent followers of this beautiful, discriminating, selectively blindfolded Goddess of Fate will jump forward & declare that ‘’oh, I was born in this family & these circumstances, I didn’t ask for it’’, ‘’these amazing things are happening to me even when I didn’t ask for it’’, in a sense, they are correct. They have been ‘’lucky’’ enough to be given a certain amount of advantage without having to do any work for it. But then who did? Why their parents & previous generations have done the time so that you can now reap the bounty of their efforts.


It is comforting to see that within the society of successful individuals; from business, professional sports to startup companies & the entertainment industries, a big percent of them have come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Does this mean that being born poor or in a third-world country considered lucky? Rather it is due to their strong willpower, burning desire & dog-with-a-bone attitude that determines their success.


To serve up a platter of perspective that we can understand; by being born poor or disadvantaged, these individuals become intimate with the notion & reality of deprivation as they are forced to live with it day after day; financial, material, emotional or physical. This thus builds the kindling in which they ignite with the fire of their passions to seek something better; better job, better education, becoming a doctor, activist, entrepeneur, better person.


Those that are born in a more priviledged environment may not initially find themselves lacking in any way; but they are also ‘gifted’ their own fair shares of deprivation. Deprivations which may also serve as catalysts for better things.


We are all born with the exact same potential; the same piece of raw wood waiting to be carved into a unique creation. This potentiality does not refer to perfection but excellence (in which we are big fans of). The wood does not care if the carver is poor or rich, it only relies upon the experience & skill of the carver to bring out its true form.





To understand this more, we’re going to delve into some ancient teachings of Chinese cuture (which incidentally, are incredibly superstitious to begin with) to shed some insight.


Chinese culture operates predominantly on a potent mixture of logic & superstition. On one hand; they believe in hard work & the tough grind to get what they want, but they also leave some room for the mystical arts to help them along. If you enter the kingdom of Feng Shui, you will find yourself surrounded by its loyal vassals Luck & Fortune. At first glance, it all appears as superstitious rituals from an ancient culture, but a deeper look into it will reveal that even Luck & Fortune depends on the choices that we make. In a sense; Feng Shui (and other beliefs) simply helps direct certain energies into certain channels without unappreciating the hard work that has been put into it.


(*we hope that our Chinese readers don’t find this offensive as it is not our desire to derogate or dismiss any particular culture. In fact, one of us is Chinese who is very proud of her culture & beliefs*)



According to Chinese metaphysics & Feng Shui, Destiny is determined by ‘The 3 Fortunes’ also known as ‘The Cosmic Trinity’. These three types of luck are Heaven Luck, Earth Luck & Man Luck. All accompany us throughout our lifetime & have almost equal bearings on our Fate.


  • Heaven Luck: this is the luck that we are born with, pre-determined before birth. The good fortunes & karmic consequences that we have accumulated in our past lives that serve us in this present one. It is the blueprint in which we have been given that contains the secrets to help lead us to our Life’s purpose. While we have little control on how this Luck is distributed, our ultimate Destiny is still a choice.


  • Earth Luck: this luck comes from the Earth & the way we are nourished by the Earth via the five elements; earth, water, air, fire & metal. These five elements bring about creation, harmony, polarity & destruction. By understanding & creating harmonious flow between these elements & energies in your environment, one can harness Earth Luck in their lives.


  • (Wo)Man’s Luck: this is the luck that springs forth from the things we do to create our own fortune. The decisions we make, the (usually good) ideas that we implement & the attitude we cultivate all play a part in manifesting the our own, homemade luck.



Side note: for the purpose of what we’re exploring today; the above concepts only covers a primary understanding & we won’t go much deeper into Feng Shui. However, if you’re interested in finding out more; there are many wonderful resources available to discover more about the art & science of Feng Shui & how it can improve your life.

As we can see; there are correlations between what we spoke of earlier & what has been said thousands of years ago. The recipe for Luck hasn’t changed all that much since then, & with some notice, we can see that out of the three Lucks we have the power to influence 2 of them (Earth & Man’s Luck). This means that 2/3 of our Lives can be manipulated into our favour, giving us the chance to flip the vegan omelette if we so choose!


For the mathematically inclined, this means that 66.67% of how our Destiny plays out is a result of our actions & the choices we make. How lucky are we! (pun intended) With our own two hands & mind, we can take the reins & empower ourselves to create the Life that we want.


So rather than wallow in self-pity at our current circumstances, we can channel the energy used for despair into something productive & empowering. Actively directing Life into the channels that you not only desire, but deserve. We are more than pencil pushers, food servers & cogs in the machine. We are powerful Beings that have forgotten how to take charge of ourselves & instead place that authority in the hands of others. We are not alone; no man or woman is an island. We are surrounded by other beautiful & powerful Beings who are ready to give you a hand. We always encourage excellence & if that comes from seeking advice, financial/medical/spiritual help from others & even self-powered enlightenment, then by all means, go for it! We are responsible for our own lives & destinies but that doesn’t mean we have to go about it alone.


When we accept the responsibility of ourselves, we actively cut the strings of our Cosmic Puppeteer & take charge. Now, that is not to say that we have to completely abandon our previous beliefs & notions about things, but as with many things, by simply adding a different perspective to the matters at hand will more often than not, yield positive results.


So keep throwing salt over your shoulder & not walking under ladders, but always remember that our lives are our own. In this awkward moment between Birth & Death, we are the ones we have been waiting for. Not some cosmic babysitter. Us. Don’t put all your chips into Luck & stop comparing yourself to others. We are all here singing different melodies of the same song. What we are worth to ourselves is just as valuable as what others are worth to us. When we focus on what we can gain rather than what we lack, then suddenly, all our goals become reachable.


Catch your bag of the past, keep what you like & throw the rest into the recycling bin of Life to make some space for all the marvelous, brilliant & valuable experiences that will come your way! Create a legacy that will not only make you proud, but improve the lives of all those who encounter it.


Remember, Luck is what you make of it. When you elevate your attitude, actions & vibration, the Universe has no choice but to reflect that, nothing more, nothing less. Everything that happens to us is there to challenge us to rise above it. To conquer the obstacles in our way & become the Sovereign Power that we are.

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364 Days of Excellence: Day 12 – Take the Art and put it aside


What is Art?


Is it a painting? A song? A play? A child playing in the dirt? An atom?


Art is all those things & more. As a human construct; the idea of Art & Beauty is used to describe an emotional, mental, physical reaction to what we perceive. Art means many things depending on our internal representation of it.


Art is a form of expression that goes beyond the verbal or written. It is a form of communication that transcends all languages & can be found in all cultures around the world. It lurks in the folds of a marble sculpture, between the brushstrokes of a Monet. It dances in the moments between symphonies & minuets, transcending the bodily movements of dancers, actors & performers. But Art also goes beyond these physical representations & flows freely from an unknown source. It is present in the blooming of a flower & forms the nucleus of each seed. It comes with the crashing of waves & the forming of mountains. Sure, we may call it Universal Love, The Great Spirit, Godhead or any other monikers, but again, these are all simply different interpretations of the same thing.


Art is the expression of something that cannot be contained in its pure form. We attempt to recreate what we feel & see on the physical realm & end up with a dizzying amount of variations. It is a revolution of the Mind. Somebody once said art is the expression of something that it cannot be contained in its pure and essential form of regular communication so art is somehow a form of revolution as well as conservative and progressive at the same time.

In this aspect, it refers to Art being present in the form of a job. A job where carpenters, artisans, builders & so on create something from something else. In our minds, Art is related to any form of creation, & creation is life. Therefore, Art is the process of Being, of existing in one form or another. Our very existence is an artform; look at all the people in the world. Each & every one of us are unique creatures, with our own lives, dreams, fears & consciousness. We may find those whose beliefs align with ours but ultimately, at our cores, no two of us are identical.


One day at an acting workshop, we came across the quote ‘’prendi l’arte e mettila da parte’’ which translates to ‘’take the art & put it aside’’. The teacher of the workshop wanted to go into its entire broadness to allow us to understand how vague & ungraspable the true meaning of Art really is. As we discovered, Art cannot be defined by a single sentence or idea. It is an incorporeal entity that loves freely & universally.

In this train of thought, we believe that it is not necessary to have proper knowledge or meaning of something to be able to grasp it & live it. Is it not, in fact, true that our subconscious mind doesn’t need the conscious one to know what it already knows? Is it true that the conscious mind it is only useful as the functioning of a filter or interface between a more subtle reality and the physical one? And is it true that the physical reality is, by definition, a result of creation, therefore, the subconscious mind is and represents the creator, & that the conscious mind is and represents the creative tool for the creative process we call life, to take place and which will be not be able to experience without the conscious mind?

We all know that an ordinary tool has a way to be used to its specifics characteristic. This applies to standard and not sophisticated tools. Some of them can be used in many ways for different tasks. The conscious mind is arguably one of the most complex devices we possess so far.

Take meditation for example. It is an ancient practice that has been appropriated & developed by various cultures & religions. In certain circles it has left its traditional representation & adopted a newer, more modern description. A simple Google search will reveal a plethora of different methods & practices of meditation. Now, this is not saying that Meditation itself has lost its true meaning, rather, like a conscious entity, like Art, it has taken root in our psyches & evolved with the times.

‘’Meditation’’ itself can be considered as the raw material & the different practices today can be viewed as the ‘’tools’’ in which we use to understand it. The tool is a consequence, therefore a creation in itself of the creative power of that raw material. The tool can always be adjusted. For this reason the tool it is not responsible of making the rules of creation, it is only a mean, like the voice for the actor, but the actor can express himself in silence, the colour for the painter, the sound or notes for the musician and the moves for a dancer.

When we link ‘’take the art & put it aside’’ with ‘’meditation’’, it simply means that the process in which this practice has been adjusted is dependent on the tools used. The core value of the raw material still shines through. However, it can also be true to say that ‘’take the art & preserve it’’ then we get the opposite side of the same coin. By using the tools we have available we now have the means to preserve this raw material. By molding it to suit our purposes we ensure that it remains present in our consciousness & knowledge.

A classic example like the Mona Lisa is a perfect example of this concept at play. It is a physical representation of the beauty that Da Vinci saw. Using the tools he had he transcribed his vision of it upon canvas, thus preserving it. Nowadays the Mona Lisa is a famous artifact of a time long past, but it & Da Vinci still remains as an inspiration to us. This is an example of ‘’taking the art & preserving it’’.

The famous smile & hidden eyes can be found on mugs, shirts, puzzles & all manner of merchandise. We teach it in schools & classes, we extrapolate prose, poetry & further pieces of art from it, sometimes creating something completely different. But that core is still present no matter how deep it’s buried. This is ‘’taking the art & putting it aside’’.

The tools that we use for manifesting our creations in whatever shape or form are not to be disregarded as better than ‘’this way’’ or worse than ‘’that way’’. It is a tool. An instrument to bring to Life to that creation. During the creative process, there may be moments where our original tools or methods become not viable. We have to omit, modify or add steps & tools to be able to properly bring our creation to Life. But by changing up our methods we do not subtract from the essential essence of our creation. This paradox explains that the truth always has another side to it, which can also be true.


To comprehend the specific forms & identities of one’s Self through this creative process of being alive, to try & obtain a deeper, more complex understand the workings that surround us, both physically & metaphysically, we may have to drop our most important tool – our intellect. When our intellect is put in the back seat, a deeper comprehension of our true creative nature may be achieved.

There are many things in the Universe we cannot explain. Or we can explain but only through personal experience. Many of these happenings cannot be backed by scientific research, but if you believe in the concepts of Karma, Laws of Attraction, Cosmic Love, then you know that your belief in them isn’t limited to something like logic or science. It is a feeling in your gut that, a connection to that particular source that cannot be explained, but gets expressed through our thoughts, words & actions.


This is a broad conversation and can be quite philosophical and argued endlessly. Although if we stay on the practical side of it, the sense could be more direct, clear and useful in a specific aspect of life. We talked about in previous days the power of our thoughts, so just for a moment, take a leap of faith & believe that it is true. Take action to reinforce that belief even if you don’t know what the results will be.

We are instruments. Physical beings of endless possibilities. A form of creation that have sprung from its original source, evolved to express & represent the power of creation in this realm of existence. By having faith in our skills, experience & ourselves, we have the power to create a better, newer masterpiece. Surrender what you know & be creative.

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364 Days of Excellence: Day 11 – Write down the fear


Hola awesome human,


Today is a continuation of the previous Day where we touch upon how our subconscious mind is our guardian. It keeps us protected & alive, & it will do anything it can to preserve the essence of your being. It’s so effective, in fact that it still has an operating system that dates back to our Neanderthalean days. There is a part of our minds that is configurated to fear.
Fear plays a big part in human history. When we were living in caves & hunting with sticks, fear kept the species alive by making sure we were afraid of large predators. And throughout the ages various civilizations have risen & fallen due to conflict, war, religion & intellect. Running its tendrils through psychology, Fear & it’s related cousins has been widely researched & used today to understand various mental illnesses & issues.





The mental operating system that everyone has installed in their noggin interacts with ordinary & present Reality through intellect & the conscious mind. Everything that has happened to us; all the information we have received from stories, experiences & beliefs is filtered through our consciousness as ‘useful’ or ‘irrelevant’ information in regards to how they can be useful in our lives.


A way for our minds to filter, organize & make use of this constant stream of knowledge is to perform an act called Conscious Talking. Whether verbally or mentally, we continuously talk to ourselves. After all, that’s what conscious thinking is. So conscious talking is when we have a running commentary going. We say things that we may not even be aware of. Whenever we are doing something or about to do something, there are little sentences we say to ourselves.


Especially in those moments when we’re not in a good headspace or when we’re confronted with a negative situation, we can catch ourselves saying:


You’re not good enough

You will never be able to..

I’m scared about this..

What were you thinking?




The good news though, is that if you want to get out of these undesirable situations, you simply have to divert the flow of conscious talking into a more positive channel. If you listen carefully, you can hear the disempowering or self-deprecating comments that are being said & tweak the content of it.


I am good enough

I am going to be able to..

I am confident that I can..

I’m so happy that I had this idea!



The changes are subtle, but used effectively, have the power to reverse your whole perspective. When you immerse yourself in a light of positivity, you can make effective choices, affirmative actions that you might have never otherwise considered.





When we don’t feel at ease in an undesirable situation, we usually gravitate towards a fear based response. Either we have a ‘flight or fight’ response where anxious feelings usually arise, or an insecurity based program where self-deprecating thought patterns come into play. These two are actually similar in nature with a certain degree of overlap.



For example:


Sometimes when your thoughts run fast & even though you want to describe something, you cannot seem to form the words & can’t think straight. Or when you’re about to embark upon a new venture, chapter or adventure in your life, and there is that fear of the unknown. That tempting feeling of returning back to the safety of the womb & the warmth of our comfort zone because you KNOW that everything is certain there.



In those moments there are things we can say to ourselves that may alleviate the problem. Things we can say to establish some grounding & foundation; therefore making ourselves more comfortable with the situation. Now, this is where Conscious Talking comes into play.


We describe clearly what we want & don’t want to happen so that we clarify things to our subconsciousness. Like a little lullaby, simply by vocalizing our thoughts & feelings outwards stops it from bottling up within us & getting confused. By releasing all that energy into reality, on a subconscious level our minds is in the loop of our thinking process & that whatever happens, we will be fine. We remind ourselves that our new way on thinking & that this opportunity will not put us in danger, convincing us that what I am going to do is not harmful or destabilizing.


If we take notice, we will see that when sometimes we (many of us) choose not to do a particular thing that on paper, seems like a good idea, it is because we are scared of the possibility that this new situation would somehow interfere negatively or substitute our old programming with something that can hamper us. That fear of ‘’something could go wrong’’ can be a mighty powerful opponent at times. That fear can cripple us & limit us to our full potential.


If you’re scared of new experiences & the risk of something going wrong, here’s a thought you can chew on. Out there in the maze of the internet lies one of our favourite videos of ‘’The Rabbi & The Lobster’’ which you may have heard of.


We highly recommend it because the Rabbi tells it better than anyone. The story goes…



“How do lobsters grow?

…a lobster is a soft mushy animal that lives inside of a rigid shell. That rigid shell does not expand.

…how can the lobster grow!?

As the lobster grows, that shell becomes very confining… the lobster feels itself under pressure and uncomfortable. It goes under a rock formation to protect itself from predatory fish, casts off the shell and produces a new one. Well eventually that shell becomes very uncomfortable as it grows… back under the rocks… and the lobster repeats this numerous times.”

As the Rabbi has observed, stressful situations can become the stimulus for growth. It is the feeling of discomfort that forces the lobster to retreat & grow a new shell. We are not advocating throwing yourself into stressful situations left, right & center. In the long term, an excess of extreme stress leads to debilitating results.

While stress is not a good thing, the opportunity it creates is. It triggers an opening for affirmative action, positive choices & eventually significant positive change.

“…we have to realise that times of stress are also times that are signals for growth.

…if we use adversity properly we can grow through adversity.”


By making the most of the predicaments we find ourselves in, we can conquer that fear & rise above it. Life is full of adventures & adversity comes part & parcel with it. We cannot avoid the challenges that come our way & nor should we. By recognizing the symptoms & triggers for undesirable situations we can then utilize it as an instrument to protect ourselves & grow stronger.

Think back to our times of growth in the past & we’ll find that in most cases, when we are faced with an extremely stressful situation, our subconscious takes control & makes decisions to protect us & show ways of escape from it. Keeping the analogy of the Lobster in mind, this is what we take away from this exercise:

– We retreat to a safe place & look inwards to focus only on what’s important to us (growing a bigger & stronger shell)

– casting off & discarding bits that no longer serve us (casting off old shell). These things or people might have played a key part in your strength or fear in the past & this part may be a difficult, scary & painful process.

But have hope! Because once that old shell is gone, we can now grow a newer, stronger shell to face the world with. So by facing your fears & the stresses of Life head on, armed with pen & paper, we can bring these demons out into the light. We can see them clearly & banish them with the power of our Self-Love, Minds & Willpower.



364 Days of Excellence: Day 10 – Who makes the rules



Today we’re moving forward in our year of Excellence by talking about rules. On a personal level I like to believe that Paradox and Chaos are two main laws that govern the univers and all of us in between. And because the first one is true the Chaos is dominated by a perfect law of order, or chaotic order!


Whatever belief system you subscribe to, they all share a common underlying feature. They have a skeleton of rules that govern their very being. And if we think about it, everything in our known world is bound by rules. Society functions because of their foundation of rules, flora & fauna live, flower & die by the seasons, the laws of physics & science. In fact, humans are full of rules! We have them for how we act in public, what our moral compass is guided by, how to make the bed, how to brew a cup of tea & even to what we eat.





There are many laws & hierarchies in the world in all directions here on Earth. Sure there are general rules that everyone accepts, after all, this is how we function collectively as a species. Although ultimately, you are the one who chooses which rules to follow & accept as your own. There may be consequences that come with following/discarding certain rules, but still, the choice is yours.


Within the scope of our individual existence, it is clear then that we are the ones that chooses the rules to build upon our own life, not only in the society but, more importantly, in the way we accept and respect our own values:

  • what makes us happy
  • what makes us sad
  • what makes us satisfied
  • what makes us loved
  • what makes us friendly

Everyone is different. Choose your values, order them in a priority menu and discover what rules you can apply for them to be satisfied.



Since these rules are the backbone of your Life, they should be attainable & achievable. It seems somewhat counter-intuitive to have rules that are too restrictive or lax, resulting in a confused jumble. What many people don’t realize is that these rules are not static boundaries. We have the power to change them whenever & however we see fit. We are not bound by the rules we made a year ago, as they may no longer be relevant in our lives. By refining & evolving your own rules, you can perfect your existence & who knows, maybe something more beautiful will come from it.

Why would you want to change your rules? Is it because of personal growth? Or is it to satisfy other people’s needs? It’s all fine & dandy if we’re growing for ourselves, but if we are compromising our own beliefs & values because of other people, then that’s when we have a wee kink in the works.

Ever since we’ve started walking, talking & understanding the world around us, we have been inundated by rules. Rules that have been installed into the tender operating systems of our childhood & youth, rules & ‘’truths’’ that have come from reliable sources such as our parents, teachers & other adults. Then we have adopted them as our truth & moral code that makes us ‘’right’’ (whatever that means). But now they may be in conflict with who you really are or with who you want to really be. We’re going to take the very fact that you’re still reading this book & are up to this Day could be an indication that you might be a bit tired of old rules & want to change them.

When you modify your rules, you have to take note that they have to be realistic. You can’t go from one day thinking ‘’I’m going to stop eating meat’’ to the next day ‘’let’s kill all the evil corporations in the world’’. I mean, sure, if that’s what you want to do, go for it! But just be aware that there are several steps in between. When you’re realistic, your subconscious mind has a chance to integrate them properly into your moral, emotional & physical integrity. Your subconscious mind does everything for you; from regulating your bodily functions & fighting off germs & diseases. It does its utmost best to keep you alive & protected without making you aware of it.

When was the last time we were aware of our own nose? Our eyes can physically perceive our nose, but because that information doesn’t really serve any use, it files it away. Leaving our minds with more storage space for other important data.

If something doesn’t align with your subconscious system of protection & integrity, then try as you might, whatever new rule you want to enforce or change, won’t happen. This is a clue from us to ourselves that there is something within us that needs to be changed before we become compatible. It’s like if we decide to get fit & exercise, but continue to eat junk food & ignore the doctor’s advice. We won’t end up fit & healthy but with a heart attack instead.

That’s why sometimes when we say something to ourselves but we don’t fully believe in it, it can be extremely challenging to get rid of complicated behaviour or disempowering thought patterns, especially dealing with traumatic experiences. That’s why it is difficult to change unless you really, truly want to.

In our past experience, changing our own rules have come simply from entertaining the idea of change, such as ‘’I’m going to stop drinking’’ & after a time, waking up one day & suddenly feeling that it is a part of us. Other times, repetitive reinforcement (visual cues, a positive support system, books & apps, self motivation) have been the ones that work. So what we’re saying is that there’s no ONE way to change a rule, you simply have to do what works best.

Since these rules are part of our subconscious mind, when we’re on that journey of change & evolution, we have to go up to the mental attic, find the storage box labelled “RULES’’, open it & sort through the content within. Hypnosis, NLP, Meditation, Pellowah, Reiki and all sort of other practices are alternative ways that allow us to get to & inspect these boxes.

Our program of ABM (Applied Breakthrough Meditation) for example, it is a dedicated strategy that works precisely at that level to get rid of tensions, unwanted emotions and disempowering behaviours by the use of practical meditations.


A good exercise is to physically manifest your rules. Writing them down on paper allows us to see them clearly for what they are. Then it can be easier to tweak them so that they are more aligned with our core values. Like with Affirmations (Day 9), if you’re not completely happy with them, get rid of some if they’re outdated, or modify them so that they are easier to be respected & achievable.

Eventually you may have an entirely different set of rules & a bright, shiny, new operating system. The rush of excitement & happiness one gets when they decide to change a part of themselves for the better is an aphrodisiac experience.

Contrary to popular belief, rules don’t have to be hard. Banish all memories of harsh school rules or strict parental values. Your own rules are entirely yours to conjure up, be responsible for & be the master of. So have fun with it! Experiment with all aspects of your life – from the ordinary to the important. Make your life easier by relaxing some rules, or gain control of your Self with some new boundaries.

Remember, we are the captains of our own ship. We make our own rules!


364 Days of Excellence: Day 9 – Captain Excellence

Hello lovely souls,


On the 8th day of Excellence, we talked about how to create a routine that gets you inspired & fueled to move towards the realization of your day & goals. Creating the right mindset is half the battle of taking charge in your life. When we feel lethargic or depressed, it always become much harder to build motivation to complete our tasks.


In most cases we can snap ourselves out of it by putting one foot in front of the other (physical & mental) until we get back our momentum, until those pesky negative emotions get stamped out by productivity & sheer willpower. But sometimes in those rare moments, no matter what we do, we simply cannot shake off the shadows that lurk in the dark corners of our minds & follow us around.


Today we will try to impart upon you some insight behind these moments so that we can all try to understand how it happens, how to recognize it for the next time & most importantly, what effective methods we can use the next time we fall into these spells.


Please heed this advice with a grain of salt, what we have learned have come from a background of anecdotal & legitimate research. If you feel like you’re suffering from mental, physical & physiological issues that seem out of the ordinary, please seek medical & professional help. There is no shame in having something that is usually defined as illness. Sometimes those are the cards we were dealt with in Life, but the longer we ignore it the more harm we will bring upon ourselves. Trust your gut & try to seek the answers you’re looking for.






The mental battlefield we find ourselves on is equally as important as the physical ones. In the past, general society has dismissed mental health issues as ‘’imaginary pains’’ & ‘’unreal problems’’ from lack of medical research or social influences. Luckily, nowadays we have much more support & information available. As a whole, we have become more open & understanding about these situations.


The most common predicament we find around us today are Anxiety & Depression. They can stem from General Anxiety to more serious, life-threatening cases. We’ve all experienced bouts of Anxiety before; where we find ourselves overwhelmed by forces that impair our way of life. A racing heart, shortness of breath, confusion, depressive thoughts, self-doubt. There are many reasons & causes for this – childhood trauma, unfavorable experiences & even chemical imbalances. We won’t go into this here but again, please seek professional help or do your own research.


Our Minds can be fickle things. It’s amazing to step out from the land of “taking everything for granted” and think that we are responsible for all that we perceive, think & feel. If you think about it, without this ability we wouldn’t be US. we are home to our mind & consciousness. We have the potential to literally manifest what we desire & need. We got an amazing tools which governs the physical vessels hold memories, draw inspiration, make logical choices & determine how we live our lives. Our minds are a wonderful thing & we are grateful to be blessed with such unlimited power.


But our Minds can also be our worse enemy, it can also set traps. In some situations, the Mind sets a trap for us & usually without warning, plunges us into a headspace of self-deprecating thought patterns & habits, immobilizing us, making it hard to make effective & positive choices.


So we hope the material we’re sharing today helps you in some way to get out of that funk & carry on being the Excellent human being you are.



Now, we’re not talking about any big stuff like having killed someone or commiting a crime; which would make the feelings of guilt & remorse somewhat justified. Instead, we’re talking about ordinary situations that for some reason, get skewed out of proportion by our Minds & leave us frozen & wrapped in static.


These negative & dis-empowering thinking processes love to declare at the top of their lungs ‘’You should not have done this, you should’ve done that instead’’’ & endlessly projecting ‘’Oh, if you would have done that way instead of this way, now you would have this happening ( all sort of positives), instead now this is going to happen (all sort of negatives)’’. These vicious cycles that our Minds offload on our laps are both fascinating (in regards to how our brains work) & exhausting (at how effective they can be).


As we’ve mentioned before: ‘’Where our attention goes, energy flows!’’ It’s so very important to remember this – what we feed, grows.


It reminds us of the American Indian story of an Elder telling a story to a young child that you may or may not have heard before.


‘’Within all of us, are two wolves. The Wolf of Light who projects Love, Kindess, Understanding & Wisdom. This wolf represents all the goodness that can be found in the hearts of Man.

Then there is the Wolf of Darkness which feeds on fear, anger & resentment. It is the Wolf of bad deeds & evil. This is what you see when Man cuts destroys his environment & kills people.


These two wolves are in constant battle, always at each others throats, fighting for dominance.


The child asks ‘’’Which wolf wins?’’


The Elder replies ‘’’The One you feed.’’’



There is a special resonance with this story as it applies to all of us. There has always been a duality between Light & Dark within us, and with a little bit of tweaking we can see how this applies to today’s subject. For most of the time, we create thoughts that are generally ‘’good’’ in nature. Thoughts that serve us & the greater good in a positive way. But on occasion the Dark Wolf within rears its head & has the potential to spread ‘’bad’’ vibrations to & around us.


It is important to try & understand ourselves & headspaces the best that we can. With self-reflection & awareness we can eventually recognize the thought patterns & connect the neural dots. As we understand more & more of our inner workings, the clarity it brings becomes essential in the manifestation of positive experiences, forming new behaviours & inspire new habits.


When we were younger, we remember spending days & weeks torturing ourselves over small matters. Insignificant in the grand scheme of Life, they always seemed larger than life back then. Oh Goddess, puberty & the rush of hormones, emotions & acne was a wild ride for us. Any little thing could unleash off a torrent of negative thoughts, the slightest infraction could spark a roaring bonfire of rage. Looking back upon it now, we may laugh or wince at our past actions but because of the magic of hindsight, we’ve learned much & evolved since then.


As we paddle through the stream of Life, we discard dead weight of negative behaviour & start searching for new, buoyant, empowering & transformative alternatives. It took us some time, but we eventually came to the conclusion that ‘’it was only truly in my mind’’, that is, the only place it could grow was in our mental garden. Think about it, anxious moments may be caused by external stimuli, but those feelings literally cannot exist outside of the mind. So if learn to let go of it in our Minds, then the issue would cease to exist in reality.


Letting go is always the ideal option, but when a lifetime of unconscious reinforcement & neural associations have been so ingrained in us, it isn’t always as easy as dropping a sack of sh*t. What we need to do is to exercise our mental, energetic & physical muscles that allows us to break free of these chains. Then by strengthening & repeating these new neural associations – new ways of thinking, new relationships between yourself & the things you do – the skeleton of a new, empowered, Excellent Being will be formed.






The first & most important thing to do is to break the cycle! Cut of the supply & turn off the tap! When you catch yourself falling into the pit of dis-empowering situations, the first thing to do is to initiate a short, quick, breakthrough action.



When we find ourselves on a sea of uncertainty & anxiety, we feel like a balloon caught in a storm. Our usual sense of orientation is gone, our mind jumps from one bad thought to another like a drunk cricket, spinning in an endless vortex of a thousand negative resolutions, our heart rate goes up, our breath becomes shallower & shorter, our heads feel foggy & we feel a mighty weight upon our chests so that even the simplest decisions become as hard as obsidian.


When this happens, grounding & finding a Safe Space (explored in Day 4) becomes our first priority. We can literally use the metaphor in our mind by calling balloon back to earth and securing it with a lifeline, waiting for the storm to pass. We call this the ” The Heart to Earth technique’’ & is super effective.

By visualizing this action & breathing deeply through our bellies, we bring that balloon down to safe harbour. Concentrate on this simple action alone, try not to confuse yourself by thinking of the consequences. Say to yourself ‘’I am not in a condition to fly right now. I will stay grounded until the storm has passed.’’

Can we control the storm? You bet we can’t, so rather than try to force our way through it, we can either bring our balloon down low or land it.

Landing the balloon does not imply being immobilized on our sofa still thinking about the storm raging on in our head. It means proceeding with our ordinary lives without using our mind too much to try & resolve the issue. When we get a cut, it heals better when we leave it alone than when we keep picking at the scab. By giving our Minds a rest from the situation at hand, we allow ourselves some breathing space. As mentioned in Day 8, by completing small tasks, we get the Pavlovian feeling of accomplishment & achievement. So that’s what we want to focus on. Crochet a beanie, draw a picture, take a walk. Any activity that helps you take your mind off whatever is bothering you will actually help yourself in the long run.


The storm will pass. With it, the skies will clear & show you a clear path towards your answer.



There are also other ways to navigate our personal oceans that will bring peace & clarity. Taking care of our physical needs are another way to ground ourselves. Much of our mental states are intimately tied to our physiological workings, so an intervention with your body could just be the trick.


– Take a deep breath & focus on your breathing. If your breathes are shallow & light, try to focus on expanding your diaphragm & breathing deeply from the belly. Feel the oxygen flowing through your nose & filling you up. As you exhale, imagine that air flowing through all parts of your body; from your head to your fingers & toes. Breathing gives us life & oxygenates the blood. It brings nutrients & energy to our bodies.


– Do some stretching. Even 5 minutes in bed will help start the circulation of blood & loosen up parts that have been tense & tight. A simply yoga routine like Sun Salutations are perfect for waking up & exercizing joints & muscles.


– Meditation is a great tool for stilling anxious, overactive minds. It can be hard to get used to at the start, but with patience, meditation invites peace into your life. Rather than stop your brain from thinking altogether (because that’s like trying to empty the ocean with a thimble) it’s more effective to imagine yourself as a mountain. Solid. Immovable. The thoughts that come into your mind are clouds. They float by your perception & instead of interacting with each cloud (which is what we normally do with our thoughts), allow them to float on by, through you & away from you. Observe the clouds simply for what they are, not what they contain. As they leave your view, do not lament at their passing, because they are just clouds. More always comes, but in the same way that a mountain isn’t affected by the passing of clouds, neither are we bothered by our thoughts. Meditation is about being the observer of your inner workings rather than being a slave to them.


– Complete your daily ritual. If you’ve already done that, make another one!


– Treat yourself to a meal or a treat. Go to that icecream place you’ve been eyeing out. Buy yourself a bag of sweet potato chips & read a book.


– Go somewhere you rarely go. Nature is always a fantastic option; a peaceful river or natural forest if you’re near one. If you’re in a cityscape, then a park or library will do just fine.


– Put on your favourite songs & dance barefoot! Smile, laugh & shake your body to some tunes!


– Have a cold shower, or a hot one if you prefer. Draw a bath, light some candles & relax.


– Forgive yourself. We don’t realize that we do so much; from our jobs, responsibilities & activities, our bodies & minds work tirelessly 24/7 to help us out. Take a moment to sit in front of a mirror & say all the things you like about yourself. Give yourself a hug & express gratitude for being alive & in this body. Empower yourself & be proud of who you are.


– Go for a massage or if you can find it, an alternative healing session like Reiki or Pellowah to cleanse & realign your energies.



After you’ve done some of these activities & feel empowered again, then you’re welcome to return to the situation & see it from a different perspective. Usually an answer comes to you & you see that it wasn’t so bad after all.


Now, after the storm has passed & we feel like we’re back on track, it’s time for some self-reflection. Do you remember the empowering questions from one of the previous Days? Now’s the time to ask them so that we can learn something new to add to our library of knowledge.


“What can I learn from this situation?” “How can I be the best version of myself having learned this new thing about myself?’’



Everything in Life is all about balance & moderation. In Taoist philosophy, they talk about ‘the crooked line’, that middle point between Yin & Yang that allows us to see both sides of the equation clearly & neutrally. Because the more perspectives we can see, the more possibilities we can manifest.


Finding the balance between activity & calm can take a while to learn, but like with everything we’ve discussed so far, the more you practice it, the more natural it becomes.

We are the captains of our own ships on this endless journey we call Life. Others might try to take over or your crew of emotions might try to mutiny, but at the end of the day, you are the Captain. The choices you make are yours & yours alone. The consequences that come from your actions are yours to uphold. Do not worry, it’s not as daunting as it appears. We may be on our own ships, but this ocean of Life is full of ships. Each with their own captains & destinations. We are not alone unless we choose to be. We have all the tools & instruments we need at our disposal & once we know which ones to use, we are invincible.

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364 Days of Excellence: Day 8 – Caress-start your day

How we start our day is very important; when we get into the right mood we set off the rest of our day. We’ve all woken up on the wrong side of the bed & felt like a tangle of string. You know that feeling? Where you try to make do with the best you can but it just feels a little bit off-kilter?


Yep, we’ve all been there. We’ve had our fair share of bad mornings & we’ve decided that enough is enough. If you’re on the bandwagon, say it with us!


No more bad mornings!

From today onwards we will have the best mornings we can!


The day may throw some curveballs at us to keep us on our toes but if we can start from the get-go with good energy, then we’re ready for whatever comes our way.


Let’s start our day with a kick, or even better, with a caress of positivity. We can achieve this by not lying in bed, checking our phones or lazing about. A few of them once in a while is nice as a treat, but if you make it a habit, then it becomes one. Instead, jump out of bed & get the blood flowing! This way, our day begins on a good note & by the generous Laws of Attraction, we will most likely complete more tasks throughout the day & therefore in that state of awareness, are alert to the subtle details useful for the manifestation of our goals.






Now we’re not saying that you need to scale a mountain or write a book before your morning cup of tea, start of slowly. Build a ritual that is easy enough to follow through once you wake up. One that you can repeat every morning.


We like to start our days with a simple act of ‘’Giving Thanks’’. Give thanks for the new day, for the sun that has risen in the sky & the whole world of possibilities & opportunities that you have woken to. By simply instilling a sense of gratitude in the morning does wonders for the skin, mind & soul.

Don’t wish or beg for a good day as that generates an expectation, & when if your day doesn’t go as well, then you end up disappointing yourself. We talked earlier on the first Day about how Expectation usually falls short of reality & invites negative emotions to flourish. So we would like to nip that in the bud instead. Giving thanks & expressing gratitude is much more effective.


Affirmations are another great way to start your day. Affirmations are declarations of intention which hold immense power & when used for the greater good, can attract incredibly positive energy & manifestation.


To give you some idea & get you started, here are some of the ones we have used & found effective:


Giving Thanks:


I give thanks to the air I am breathing.

I am grateful for waking up today.

I am happy, healthy & safe. For that I am grateful.

I am thankful for the roof over my head & the bed I can sleep in

I am grateful for my family & friends.

I give thanks to all those in my life who bring me understanding & Love.

I am grateful for Love.

I am thankful for Gaia, the Universe & all the energies within it.





I am a vessel for the Universal Spirit, through me Love, Compassion & Truth flows freely & abundantly.

I am a better than I was, I will be better than I am.

I am a magnet for Abundance, Love & Truth. These are resources that come freely to me.


And a personal favourite:


Every day I am recognizing more & more what is best for my vibration. I am honouring it & using it to guide me higher daily. My soul is at peace because of my dedication & reclaimed ownership of my vibration.



Even writing this has brought a smile to our faces. That is the power of Affirmation & Gratitude. There is a plethora of material out there to draw inspiration from, just make sure to only choose the ones that resonate with you & give you a good feeling when you read them. This indicates a compatibility; whether it’s something you need or are attracted to (your gut will tell you), & by doing so, you simply magnify the vibration that is already present.


There are other ways to jumpstart your day with good chemicals & energy. You can stretch (Hatha Yoga), meditate (Raja Yoga), sing a song or refer to God/Goddess-like figures (Bhakti Yoga) or read a paragraph from your favourite book (Jnana Yoga).


You can also wash your face, brush your teeth, make your bed or reward yourself which all fall under ‘Karma Yoga’. Like its namesake, you can, in a sense, be open to receiving good karma for your good actions. But the whole topic of Karma is something we’ll expand on another day. But in terms of what you can do to start your day in a good way, you decide what’s best for you! You can do as many or as little as you want.


But an important thing to remember is not to over-exert your first on the first day. Shanti shanti, we like to say. Start off slow & then gradually expand your ritual over time. A good place to start is with one task a day – but do it properly with intention. So that you get that rush of pleasure & accomplishment. If you simply blaze through your ritual without any real feeling behind it, it will take longer to kick in ops, I should say caress in.


Once you have noticed results with your choice of task, add another one on. Rinse & repeat. We tend to have better results & stick to our promises when they’re associated with positive feelings rather than negative ones. We’ve all heard about fad-diets which have a total run time of days & sometimes even hours. If we have the mindset that we are depriving ourselves of something rather than improving something about ourselves, then we’re less inclined to keep it up.


And this is a diet. It’s a diet for the mind & body. If we take care with every new step then the process becomes smoother & more enjoyable. It takes 21 days to create a new habit. Those days can be fun, exciting & enlightening. All you need to get rid of a tendencies is introducing one sigle new habit.


So have fun with it & test-run whatever strikes your fancy. Eventually, you’ll create a ritual that fits you perfectly. When it starts to run stale, you’re welcome to change it up! Take some old ones out & put some new ones in. By constantly refining & evolving, our daily transformation becomes an adventure on its own right.


364 Days of Excellence: Day 7 – Compassion is comprehensive

As a nice continuation to yesterday’s topic, today’s focus is on Compassion. We’ve talked about Forgiveness & touched upon Compassion, now we will go into it . In most cases, to be able to forgive you need to be able to feel compassion. These two go hand in hand & are two different slices of the same pie. Yummy.





So what is compassion?


Take sympathy & empathy for example. Empathy is putting yourself into someone else’s shoes; to truly imagine yourself in their position while sympathy is merely mirroring the same feeling of the other person, most common as a form of support. While both share positive qualities, one is not like the other. The same with Compassion& Pity. The two are different although they often get mistaken for each other.


When you pity someone, you may share their feelings & understand their plight. For example – seeing a homeless person on the street or a picture of a war-torn country will invoke feelings of sadness or wanting to do something to help. But in most cases, the feeling of pity is not followed up with action. It is merely a passing emotion. (If you DO see a homeless person next time, try to at least say hello, it might make their day.)


Pity involves a certain degree of understanding, which is a good start. But merely understanding a negative emotion without affirmative action is useless. It complies acceptance without making an effective action towards the subject. You are not making yourself a direct actor & the situation remains disassociated from yourself.


Many accept it as they feel like they cannot do anything to change it. This is a natural reaction because the subject at hand represents an issue & not many people want to familiarize themselves with an issue that may cause a disruption in their lives. It’s always better to leave it to others is the general train of thought. Unfortunately, this manner of thinking means that many problems remain unsolved.


The Bystander effect is a similar phenomenon. When an accident occurs, many people gather because on one level or another, they want to help. But what usually happens is that nothing gets done because everyone thinks ‘’oh, someone else will do it’’. When everyone thinks like that, you can see where it leads. So to counteract this effect, Someone takes charge & takes action. ‘’You call the ambulance!’’ ‘’You help me with this.’’ Only then will something change.





Compassion is when you are that Someone. If you take the word away from the etimology of sharing the pain, with comassion, you can see yourself as an individual with power to transform the situation, because you, unlikely the person who is afflicted by the cause of that compassion in the first place, could use a different prospective. When we practice Compassion, we lower the boundaries between ourselves & the situation, allowing us to take up a mantle of power.


The reality we know is usually a projection, filtered through the lens of our experiences & perspective. Taking away the boundaries is like removing the lens through which you filter the situation based on your emotions, personal beliefs, attachment. Sans lens, we then can perceive the situation objectively & for what it is or at list having a closer look.


When you embrace or comprehend the situation & understand that it is within your circle of influence (this may not be the case with every occasion, so use can your own judgement for this), you can either positively or negatively tip the scales. (We hope that you use your powers for good rather than evil though.)


Once we are in this state of comprehension, the issue then becomes a means to a solution & we suddenly have a whole range of possibilities to access. Now that we have all the ingredients we can start cooking!







It’s like trying to make a good coffee.


Compassion is being able to know & by extension, understand every ingredient in the recipe (situation) & what they can do. By understanding their characteristics, we then can blend them together in a harmonious way. Because this way, we understand what they can do individually & together. It’s all about maximizing the potential darling.


Pity is akin to looking at the coffee beans & pretending it’s (vegan) milk. If you look at it & say ‘’poor bean, look at you, you’ll never be able to froth up. Here, have some water’’ it will not work because it’s simply not the right ingredient. It’s a bean, it’s not milk. Similarly, the milk cannot be the bean. You cannot grind milk & try to pass it through a coffee filter.


Comprehension is knowing what the bean tastes like, how it will work with the milk & act accordingly. When you make this a priority, your coffee will turn out delicious.






Compassion requires honesty. By being honest at what you can do, at how your capabilities fit into the situation, only then can you be effective in solving the problem. It won’t do anyone any good if we overestimate our abilities. Establishing a good relationship with all the different ingredients in your life is essential to being less confused, making less (or better) mistakes & therefore efficient choices.



Sympathy is not a bad trait to have, but if it stops there, it doesn’t do a lot of help. As long as we continue to develop the awareness so that it blossoms into empathy & compassion, then we are making strides. Not only for our own personal growth but for the improvement of others.


Compassion does not include arrogance or the Ego. It is a humble profession that does not lord over the situations of other people. It does not assume that just because they are in a position to help, it means that they are ‘better’ or ‘more successful’ than those who need assistance. We are all human, we make mistakes & find ourselves in situations that are less than ideal.


Compassion is the simple understanding that one is in a position to help in whatever capacity they can for others who cannot. Whether it is giving someone $30 or picking up a hitchhiker. These simple acts of human kindness from the heart cost very little, but have a profit that come back tenfold. A smile & a hug, gratitude & sometimes even a gift! But we don’t do it for the reward, we do it because we can & want to. Because our Souls are fueled with love & kindness. We are Love incarnate. We deserve to give & receive love because Love is who we are.



So try to find an opportunity to practice compassion today & we hope you bring a smile to a face, especially your own!




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364 Days of Excellence: Day 6 – Forgiveness

We can’t think of a better topic to explore today than the topic of Forgiveness. It is such an important & vital element to the enrichment of our Self. Prevalent in religious texts, books, fairytales, & from our parents & teachers,and yet, it is seldom practiced in our lives today. Governed by machines, technology & material possessions, we have discarded this in a dusty corner of our minds & forgotten about it.


Without forgiveness, as a species we would have been extinct centuries ago. Imagine if we all held onto all the slights & infractions we’ve come across in our lives without learning how to forgive, we would descend into chaos & go insane in the process! People would not trust each other with anything, we would all most likely develop some intense mental problems from being too hard on ourselves, it would all be a very big mess indeed.(Sounds like reality, true?).


We talked about learning from our mistakes yesterday: how to perceive the situation as an opportunity for growth & understanding. Well, forgiveness plays a big part in this process.


A negative situation may arise from a mix of different requirements from lapse of judgement, lack of information, unclear thinking & maybe even bad weather. Once that flow is interrupted it can throw us off balance. We can’t help but lose our heads over it, which is fine. Yell & scream for as long as you want! So long you remember to ground yourselves again, then we can get right back on track.



Here’s one handy tip to remember that helps you feel less torn up about being in a negative situation. The cosmic mechanics of the Universe & energy flow in a ‘vortex’ shape. That is, the vibrations spiral around each other in an endless loop, but as we move forwards in our lives, so does Time. When we find ourselves in situations that seem familiar it’s because it is familiar. Until we learn the lessons we need to learn the Universe will keep showing them to us. Ergo, if we want to break out of these cycles, we must do everything in our power to make sure we take advantage of every opportunity that comes our way.







We’ve been masters of kicking ourselves for every little thing. Certain thoughts, actions & occasions breed the right conditions for self-deprecation & self-criticism to grow. We tend to be the worst judge when it comes to our own actions. We criticize harshly & have long memories. Even though when it comes to others, we are quick to forgive & forget. It’s funny how it works, isn’t it? Indeed is also true the opposite.

You see map is not the territory and reality is not matter of perception. Inevitably we all apply filters to external reality. This filters made upon memories and strories apply distortion, deletion, personalization as naom Chomsky would suggest, therefore the inner state that result from the filtering may be various and very individual. We wont to be mindful of this if we are willing to improve ourselves and improve at the same time the way we inevitably respond to external stimuly.


But as we mentioned before; when we take responsibility & accept that when something is done, it is done. There is no magical undo-button that we can press to make it all go away. Sure, it can suck & we can regret it, but it is not necessary to feel an inordinate amount of guilt & remorse over it. We don’t want to carry that mistake for the rest of our lives, do we? No, we take the lesson & let it go as it no longer serves our purpose.


We’re not referring only to the comments we might make or the behaviours we act out, but also the emotional attachment that forms to the situation where forgiveness is required. When emotions such as anger, jealousy, sadness, fear are involved, it becomes cloudy. But we’ve learned the hard way, through many of our own experiences that sometimes, what our minds think is not necessarily the reality all the time.


Emotions are a chemical & physiological reaction to external stimuli. They rush our bodies with endorphins, chemicals & feelings to invoke certain states of mind. But we are not our emotions. We are the observer behind them. We cannot stop our emotions, but we can control & be aware of how we act because of them.




Contrary to popular (& incorrect) belief, forgiveness doesn’t mean the blind acceptance of a certain behaviour without having to deal with the consequences. Forgiveness is the acceptance of the responsibilities to a behaviour or situation that has caused harm to ourselves or others WITH the intention to make it better, not to repeat it, to build something new from the ashes & ultimately, to evolve towards a higher sense of awareness & Being.


One of the responsibilities necessary to thrive in a situation of a mistake is to let it go & stand up again to make it better. To pick ourselves up by the short & curlies, brush off the dust & keep going. Someone once told us – ‘’It’s no use dragging your feet through the mud because it’ll just take you longer to get to the other side.’’ We may already be knee-deep in it, but that doesn’t mean that we have to drown.






Once we learn to forgive ourselves, it becomes easier to forgive others. The time has come for us, all of us to come into our power. Now is the time for us to change our Story so far & walk down a new path towards a higher existence. To embrace & adopt behaviours, thinking & perspectives that allow Love, Compassion & Kindness to grow & flourish.


Forgiveness & Compassion are two words for the same thing. The idea that the ones to whom we direct our anger & frustration towards are the very individuals who are in need of Love. Be it our own self or others who have wronged us.



‘’I walk through excellence now & that allows me to forgive myself & others in acts of compassion.’’



In fact, put this book down & find a mirror. Take a good look at yourself; at your imperfections, your past mistakes, your current Present, everything. Then look deep into your own eyes – those perfect globes of pure light & the windows of our Soul, pronounce to yourself:



‘’I forgive you for all that you have done, all the mistakes that you have made & I love you because you have always forgiven me.’’



Give yourself a big smile & remember that you are Excellent.




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364 Days of Excellence: Day 5 – Learn from mistakes

We are all human. We live, breathe, laugh, cry & dream. Above all, we are not perfect. We are all works in progress; sentient creations currently being forged in the fires of our existence. During this evolution of Self we are bound to encounter a hiccup here & there, After all, a smooth sea a sailor does not make. We make mistakes & have accidents. In fact, they’ve been with us since we came into this world. Our first fall. Our first white lie. These moments make up the cuts, bruises & scars we carry in our hearts & on our bodies. They are our mementos.


At times, they serve as lessons, others reminders. The mistakes we make come in a variety of shapes & sizes. It can be as little as buying the wrong kind of hummus or getting lost. But sometimes, these mistakes run deeper than the everyday & take hold of something more important than groceries. They have the power to affect our lives, our perceptions & our decisions…if we let them.


‘’nobody likes to makes mistakes, but inevitably we all do.’’



What is a mistake?


A mistake is fundamentally nothing more than the result of an action or to a thought or to an emotion (this three are connected together, we will see in later days how). A mistake has nothing different from any other result really.
The only difference consists in the fact that the “mistake” result could be less pleasant than others or, more likely to be, something we have not expected and not necessarily something we want in life. After all, if we don’t want a miss-take or a miss-taking, we just need to decide that we took something, so we don’t miss anything after all. Decide to take the lesson, and that will do.


With the right mentality, mistakes can be the best teachers in the world. And like the best teachers; with a helping of tough love, they can serve to impart some of the most important lessons of our lives.




We are not the sum of our mistakes, rather the culmulation of knowledge we have learnt from them. It serves us no purpose if we continue to carry our mistakes with us for the rest of our lives. It just becomes extra baggage & limits us to the endless possibilities that lay before us.



We mentioned in the previous ‘’Day of Excellence’’ that wherever you focus your attention, the effects of that place, person or idea grows exponentially. What you feed, flourishes. So if you only label & see the mistakes you make as a mistake, it will be much harder to learn from it. By channeling your energy & attention at the fact that you made a mistake, you will only serve to feed self-deprecating, unconstructive thoughts.



It’s such a simple mistake, how could I have not noticed it?

If only I was concentrating, then I wouldn’t have made this mistake

I know that I shouldn’t have done it, why am I so stupid?

I should know better…

I shouldn’t have done/said that…



Sound familiar? Don’t worry, we all have these thoughts when the mistake first occurs. It’s a very natural reaction to beat ourselves up over our infractions at the start. After all, it’s like throwing a big glob of paint at a picture. It disrupts the original flow of thought or action; jarring the whole situation by adding an unexpected dimension to it. But as the great Bob Ross once said – ‘’There’s no such thing as mistakes, only happy little accidents.’’


We tell ourselves that ‘’everyone makes mistakes’’ & like to think that we will be quite forgiving about it, but when it actually happens, there’s no telling what our reactions will be. Anger, frustration, shame, sadness. These emotions have certainly reared their head at one time or another. Again, this is okay to feel these emotions. What isn’t okay is if we continue to entertain these thoughts. If we direct & perpetuate that negativity towards ourselves, we may lose sight of this opportunity in disguise.


Now, imagine if we viewed our mistakes in a different light. Rather than see this happening as a mark against our character or a giant conspiracy by the Universe to throw us off balance, we recommend you to look at it from the point of view as a growing process. This is an opportunity to perhaps revisit old, unfulfilled trauma or bring to light lessons that need to be learnt to help you evolve. Rather than lament at the fact that it’s happened, it would be much more productive to acknowledge that this has happened/is happening, accept it, learn from it & move on. Within every ‘’bad’’ experience, there is always a silver lining. There is always a nugget of positivity that can be found from it.



This is something that I can fix…

It’s okay, it’s not as bad as I first thought..

Okay, so now I know for next time..

That was a close call! It could have been worse..

I’m still in one piece!

I’m glad to be alive after that!

How can I be the better version of myself after this?



Sometimes you may have to dig a little deeper but it will always be found. So, when you look at your situation from an alternative, creative & fulfilling perspective you will be able to see a much more positive, and therefore, productive way of solving the mistakes. It is up to us to troubleshoot our own problems. If we are the ones who made this mistake, then we will be the ones who will fix it. After all, where our attention goes, energy flows!


By accepting full responsibility of the mistake as an unintentional result of your actions, not only do we take charge of our own selves, but we instill a sense of awareness of our thoughts & actions, & the consequences they bear.




And thus, we come back to the previous topics of aligning with our True Selves. Because it is within our True Selves that the answers we seek can be found. If you feel like you’ve made a particularly big mistake, we find that it helps to go to your Safe Place – a place of calm, peace & clarity where we can see the situation more clearly.


Sit down quietly and breathe with intention. Establish a relationship with your true self & give thanks to the mistake that have arrived to teach you something. Eventually in this qualitative state of mind your true self will know what to do with it. By utilizing our Safe Place to its full effectiveness (or as much as you can at the moment anyway!) it allows us to separate from the external environment for a moment. To remove the chaos from the equation so that we may be able to find an answer.

If you still find yourself stuck & answer-less; which can often be the case, it’s simple! Start asking questions!

What is this teaching me?

What can I do with this?

What is the message?

What can I do to get out of this situation?

How can I improve myself knowing what I’ve learnt from this mistake now?

How can I be a better version of myself knowing now what this situation taught me?

When in doubt, ask questions. Questions are the highway to access the infinite information space in the super consciousness. Ask & ye shall receive. All we need to make sure is that we ask the right questions. It can take a little time & effort, but then you will eventually get an answer. Now, whether or not you like the answer is a whole different kettle of fish!

If you ask questions like ‘’how did this happen to me?” then you will only receive this information & nothing more. This will not allow you to move on. Of course, this is useful to know so that you can recognize the conditions for future use, but try not to linger on it. We have far more empowering questions to ask.

An empowering question is a question that allows you to make effective choices & take affirmative action.

As we mentioned before, if you adopt a more constructive & positive approach, then you can ask questions such as “How can I be a better version of myself knowing now what this situation taught me?” that is when the magic starts to happen. Like a magician revealing their secrets, the previous illusion suddenly becomes a series of understandable steps that serve to dispel the mystery.


In fact, we already do this. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we ask questions all the time. Today’s topic serves to draw attention to our natural habits so that we can choose to change them. We are the vessel & channel for our thoughts, emotions & actions, but we are not slaves to them. By taking charge of our inner workings, we unearth the mysteries beneath the skin & in that lump of grey matter between our ears. Once we understand this, Life and all its little synchronicities can be harnessed to maximise our own potential & it all becomes our very own choose-your-adventure book with limitless possibilities.


Life is an open-sourced environment. Many different elements come & go within it, the scenery changes & we’ll find ourselves on many different adventures. But as long as we remember that we are the protagonists of our own Story we then have the power to make choices that serve to benefit us. Even changing the story if we pleases.


Our experiences – mistakes & otherwise, serve to enrich, teach & empower us to come into our own Being. We do not blame a flower for growing sideways or out of a crack in the pavement & say that ‘’oh, that flower shouldn’t be doing that there, it’s all wrong’’. In fact; the flower doesn’t regret its choice of location but continues to survive to the best of its ability. Then we applaud its tenacity & spirit. Heck, we even take pictures of it & use it as a moral tale.


The funny thing about Human consciousness is that we only learn from our mistakes – that is, only after they have come to pass then we understand what it is trying to teach us. And sometimes it takes several goes! But armed with gratitude, humility & questions, we will be more prepared for all that comes our way.


So let’s learn from our mistakes, embrace our teachers & be a bit more forgiving on ourselves. As always, continue to do your best & have an excellent day!



P.S: If you would like to explore more about the subject of asking the right questions & learning how to reframe your mentality, we approach this in our Manifest – Action & ABM Method workshops. Simply head to our website to find out more!


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364 Days of Excellence: Day 4 – Finding a safe place and grounding

For ourselves, we have to take care in the types of words we speak.


When we vocalize negative, judgemental or self-deprecating thoughts such as –


Am I as good as this person?

They’re better than me at this job…

I don’t deserve to have this thing..

I’m worthless…

I make so Having discovered the power of gratitude, we can now pass into a new step that also helps towards guaranteeing an excellent day in case of an emotional roller coaster!


We all know that emotions & thoughts create the base of our realities, they also determine the choices & actions we take. These make them very powerful tools that, when properly understood, can open a whole new world of possibilities. What fewer people know is that what we say also plays a big part in this creation. As we aim to manifest what we want many mistakes, why am I so stupid?

I will never be as good as…


Then we set ourselves up for the energy that these thoughts bring. We encourage the continuation of unproductive cycles of happenings that will not allow us to realize our full potential.


Imagine the Universe & the energies within it as a mirror. It is a tool that reflects what we put out. The funny thing with the Universe is that it does not differentiate which energies are being projected, in the same way a mirror doesn’t understand if you show a happy, sad or angry face. We are the ones who determine the meanings behind what we see.


In the same vein; if you put out negative & depressing energy (our thoughts & actions) then the Universe will pick up on that & bounce it back. Thus perpetuating that cycle. With this in mind, would it not be logical to project as much Love, Kindness, Positivity & Compassion we can to receive it back in abundance?




Now this doesn’t mean that we’re asking you to force yourself to be happy at all times because that means we’re trying to be ‘Perfect’, rather than ‘Excellent’. Instead, we ask you to be as truthful as you can to yourself with what you are feeling. Allow for the variations of the mind to happen without letting them control you.


Our thoughts & emotions can come from somewhere deep in the unconscious mind; that is, we think we do not consciously decide how we feel. They seems to come bubbling up to the surface when we entertain certain thoughts & experiences, & sometimes, they’re not very fun to deal with!


How many times have you experienced that feeling where you have a definite answer to a situation; a feeling that you have in your gut, but for some reason or another, cannot seem to find a way to express it Only to have that feeling linger on unfinished, unsatisfied & unhappy with the outcome?


Sometimes we feel so trapped in an emotional blender that even getting out of bed is too difficult. But then we are stuck in bed, paralyzed with an overabundance of chaotic thoughts! We all have these moments of insecurity, of fear, & we’re sure that we speak for all when we say that we want to limit these moments as much as possible.


However do not despair, there is hope. On the flip side of that coin, do we remember the moments when everything seemed to go right? When we felt strong, empowered & brave enough to stand up & speak our mind. That surge of confidence & unwavering belief that we are right? It’s quite the rush, isn’t it? It is that particular energetic flow that we want to tap into as often as we can.


To learn how to consciously access this state of mind, it is essential for us to establish a safe place to go to any time unfavourable situations arise. This is a technique that works best when we practice it, not just in our low moments, but in during our times of Excellence as well.

A place where, regardless of what is going on and what sparked the fireworks of disorientation and bought you a ticket to the intrepid emotional roller coaster, you can go back at will and restore peace within yourself ready to reorganise your thoughts and start again from a more settled and stable position.

This is what we call Grounding. For us, this word conjures up images of tree roots going into the ground, supporting & planting us firmly in one place. It is the same. Grounding is a technique which allows us to get back to our center when we’re feeling off-kilter.

A good analogy would be to imagine yourself as a hot air balloon who gets tossed about in all directions by the wind in the moment of a storm. Grounding allows us to find an anchor to throw, establishing a connection with the Earth through a resistant lifeline. Then, as we feel safe & secured, we can stay still, observing the wind & waiting for the storm to pass.


Emotions happen. As humans, emotions are part of the genetic package & we’ve lived with them since the dawn of humankind (maybe). Of course, we can try to supress them but we all know how that turns out. (Hint: it’s not good)

Emotions are natural states of being that come about from chemical & physiological reactions to external stimulus, & like thoughts, have a natural lifespan. So long as we become aware of them & don’t feed them with more fuel (continuous, destructive patterns of behaviour), sooner or later, we are able to see the situation more clearly & calmly. Inevitably, it all sorts itself out. We can also apply diferent filters but this is something we will approach later on down the lane.

With grounding, we can courageously accept and embrace things for what they are regardless of our expectations and generally build upon them from a more serene and peaceful perspective which, inevitably, offer more productive ideas and effective actions, naturally providing the well-deserved life that we want for ourselves.


Remember, where your attention goes your energy flows!

Your safe place does not adhere to the bounds of reality. It can be real or imaginary; a beautiful garden of your creation or a cherished childhood memory. It doesn’t even have to be a place! It can be a any object; a picture of an ascended master, a sacred animal, a tree, or even a mantra or a song that has a special connection to you. Anything goes, as long as it is strong enough to bring you peace even in the middle of a cyclone.

Your safe space/thing should make you feel warm & protected. A moment in time that allows you to bring your focus in without feeding any other types of emotions. It is a place where you are safe but is also a place where you can observe what is going on to grow and thrive. The safe place it is not a hiding place it is somewhere you gather again all of your strength ready to make effective actions (or just avoiding unnecessary ones).

We often use a type of meditation called ‘’Hara meditation’’ to establish a dialogue with this space. ‘’Hara’’ is a Japanese word for womb or abdomen, & ‘’Hara meditation’’ refers to sending energy to one of the most potent energetic areas in the physical, human body. Known generally as the 2nd chakra or Svadhisthana to Indian tradition,this area is found just a bit below the belly button. In other Eastern practices, the gut/abdomen is where chi (life energy) gathers.

You know the saying ‘’trust your gut’’? There you go. Naturally, you’re welcome to choose whatever part of the body you like, like your big toe or knee, but just keep in mind that some places offer a different energy charge than others.

Alternatively, you can simply take a moment to inhale deeply with your diaphragm inflated, then exhale through your mouth. Repeat as necessary until you reach a place of quiet & calm.

This allows the mind to calm down & offer an immediate sense of relief & peace. Then comes the calming of the body. By allowing your heart rate & nervous system to slow down; the unconscious brain starts producing all the proper chemicals needed to recalibrate your higher functions & re-establish a sense of functionality. This reinforces your strength & puts you back on the path of Excellence.

We’re not going to spend too much time on describing this type of meditation here, there is a brief introduction on our Youtube channel as well as many sources online for you to discover.


As this chapter has outlined the principles & benefits of grounding, it is important to search, establish & reinforce your safe space in moments of tranquility so that it becomes strong, reliable & unpenetrable to destabilising forces in those moments of vulnerability.

You can start right now. Like a muscle, grounding & the other topics mentioned in this book are best kept in good shape. Find time to work on them as often as possible. Before bed, after you wake up, when you’re on the porcelain throne or stuck in traffic. By keeping your instruments of Excellence sharp & in top condition, you will always be ready for whatever comes your way.

Once again, we wish you love as you continue your march towards Excellence in this year of Manifestation.

Be grateful, be abundant, be excellent & above all, be safe!