How Reiki Can Improve Your Life …

Today’s article is about Reiki and how Reiki can improve your life and this is virtually the same regardless if you are a practitioner or the client.

In this article, I want to highlight something which has become clear to me during my practice.

The first thing to be said is that everybody is able to perform Reiki, even if you have not been officially taught. Now let’s make this clear because somebody here could be offended and somebody else could be misled.

Reiki by definition is a Japanese word the means ‘Spiritual Energy’, for the purpose of the affirmation I made above anybody can source his own spiritual energy from any source and frequency.

Point 2, Reiki is a discipline by which energy is passed from a body of a practitioner to a client through the position of the hands.

Now, have you ever hit your knee, head or even worse, your funny bone against something? I bet you have …. not funny at all, is it? No, it is not, I think. Anyway, what is your first reaction to what just happened? You put your hands straight on the part injured even if the bleeding didn’t occur. It is an instant reaction, we do our best to assist the part injured with a supply of healing energy coming from the extension of our body in this case such as arms and hands which are rich in meridians and minor chakras (energy channels).

Reiki it is innate in us, but what happened with the discipline, and this is when things get interesting. Reiki is the ability to connect with the spiritual energies in a better and efficient way so to be able to supply a stronger flow of healing energy. This is as simple as it goes. All the rest is dedication, patience, meditation and a lot of other Latin words ending in “tion” except ‘love’ which is the stronger drive in this type of healing discipline and realistically all the others.


Now, why is it important to receive healing energy even though we didn’t hit anything with our head? Because we are energy, we require a constant flow of energy in our bodies in order to perform the so-called life experience (at least in this terrestrial form) and also our pains and needs are not only limited to the purely physical form when you hit something. There are other complex forms of suffering such as mental pain, emotional pain, spiritual pain, but why do we just focus on pain? (Mostly because of Christian tradition) why don’t we allow yourself to feel good all the time or extra good if we are already good at helping the supply of energy even when we don’t touch rock bottom? Why do we allow yourself to always and only learn through the means of pain? That is somewhat necessary at times but we can do better than lift us up only when we are on the floor.. we can keep up for longer periods of time and still learn!

We need a supply of energy that can not only be from food and water.. we live of something else too and it is easy to locate this energy. It’s within you when you feel an emotion, you feel loved, you love someone and when you breathe. That’s some of the many manifestations you can attribute to it.

Next question is:

Where do we get this supply of energy from? The Universe … how? However, you like. Some prefer to follow teachers from far behind in the past with all sort of disciplines, prayers, mantras, meditation, techniques, breathing techniques, dances, exercises of all sorts. Reiki is one of these disciplines. It is a beautiful discipline, I attribute much of the wealth, abundance, clarity, health and beautiful feelings I have right now. Like everything else the best comes with practice so in any case if you are a practitioner or a client or both the more you practice it, the more you will be able to feel.

Reiki can create shifting results, help with clarity in making new choices, help with the removal of unwanted patterns, blockages or negativities in life. Reiki at first has been built as a discipline to lead to a path of enlightenment and that’s mainly what it is. The possibility comes as a consequence and determinant once worked on the five main precepts. This and a lot more is Reiki to me! If you want to add something to the list, help yourself, book an appointment, start a course and start a new adventure where you can be the protagonist together with everyone and everything else around you.

Immense gratitude!


Founder of Om Reiki Connection


Why Meditation?

Meditation is taking over the world, finally, what a relief! For all!

This is a win-win operation. There is much to say about meditation, so many techniques that all lead to one, operational effective tool: the breath!

So if you are stressed, run down, depressed, lost in your thoughts and whatever else you know at least one thing, you are still breathing and what good news that is!

Meditation is easy, achievable by anyone at any time and the results are amazingly effective and yes, can be fun too!

Just five minutes a day can change your life. You can replace bad habits and starts new productive and empowering ones.

In those days where everyone is rushing, breaking the patterns is vital, in the real sense of the word. So taking a little time out of your day to rest and get out all your stress might sound like a great idea and almost impossible to achieve. Get that word out of your system, simple steps lead to great results.

People have been meditating for thousands of years and now the meditation trend is hitting the cities. People have discovered or are about to discover the benefits of it. It’s hitting the corporate next. Many offices already provide space and time for their employees so they are in balance, the company makes more profit and fewer people get sick.

Meditation gives you the possibility to create a new space where you can realign with yourself getting rid of the stress, negative patterns, and bad behaviours. All of these components consume all of your energies and you become flat at the end of the day. You can not enjoy anything in your free time and makes you drag around bad feelings, you are always tired and inefficient (stressed) when you are at work.


Just imagine, how would that be to take another chance to live a beautiful and serene life regardless of how much you work, what’s the pace of it, deadlines, productivity and so on. Sounds beautiful right? You need a holiday and you are just back from one! No, you need to start meditating and everything for you will start to fall in place!

You will discover a new you, serene, unaffected by negative stress-related circumstances. You will be able to take charge of your life once and for all, without the needs of pharmaceutical aids or empirical methods. You will discover your true powers that lead to happy choices and new chances in life.

Have ever considered giving up all your negative aspects of life and investing just a little part of your day in Meditation? Well, this is the time to start, I bet you are willing to try. Many others already did and if you ask them they can certainly give an answer to your question “does it really work?”

We can give assistance to beginners, on your lunch break or after working hours. Simply contact us and we will discuss your individual requirements.

Trust your feelings!!

Giampietro Pascasi

Founder of Om Reiki Connection

Watch the Thinking!

Let’s speak it clear! The thought of not thinking could be very overwhelming.

We basically think 24/7 non-stop and that can be fun, diverse, creative and a lot of other good things but also thinking or better yet overthinking, can lead to a misuse of feelings and the alteration of reality, ultimately by means of action, it can determine your present and your present state in the future creating a vortex which can not only be addictive (quoting Eckhart Tolle) but also difficult to exit from.

Out there are so many techniques, so many ways, so many teachings that really “not thinking” should be at reach of everyone and I am sure there are techniques that are effective depending on individuals. Sometimes despite all this material, although we read an immense amount of information about how important it is not to think too much or how good it is to meditate and this and that, we might soon realize that intellectualizing the concept just doesn’t do enough in our practice. Even if we do meditate daily, train thinking could always be an intruder, like anything else decreasing the thinking process does require a workout, for this reason, I decided to come up with this exercise I think could be useful to everybody who has an overactive mind.

The exercise I am suggesting in this article is very simple and practical, you can do it anywhere at any moment although I recommend sitting upright somewhere nobody can disturb you.

This exercise is based on the stimuli of thinking and interrupting the thought train. A brain is a machine that can be programmed. If you do this exercise often enough the brain might just one day start doing it in automatic just like when you learn to ride a bike or drive a car, at the start you really need to put your attention on every single movement and detail after a while you just care about which direction you need to go to.


Take any thought you please, keep going on its train if you like and soon after decide to bring your attention to your breath for the length of 3 breaths, after the third breath choose another thought and do the same (you will notice at first that your breath can be shallow, try your best to deepen the breath). Play with this for at least for 5 cycles and then the next 10 mins (or longer) try to watch your breath only, for as long as you can after the initial thoughts. If you lose concentration and a thought starts another train, don’t stress, you know what to do, bring your awareness on the breath again.. sooner or later you will notice that your ability to focus on your breath has increased and as a consequence, your attention to thoughts has decreased. You can also find yourself much calmer and relaxed to the point that you might find it difficult or unpleasant to run your mind in thoughts (well if that’s the case, just keep your attention on breathing and pass to the next step below), this is related to the fact that the nervous system is strictly connected to the breath, the slower the breath the slower the mind and vice versa.

If you’d like to take the next level you can bring your awareness to the feelings you have whilst focusing on the breath. This can be a pure feeling, a state of mind, sense of light or humming sound and stay there as long as you can. A thought may arise again if so focus on your breath and start the process again. What we are trying to achieve with this exercise is the capability to locate a pleasant and peaceful feeling we can associate with our practice. This is a beautiful space you can bring yourself into at any point, inevitably being able to enjoy it for a longer period of time.

Just like in the previous exercise, you will be able to connect to this space much more easier. Hope you find this easy exercise useful and fun to play with and if any questions arise please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Also remember if you want to try other effective practices we also offer one-on-one energy healing sessions such as Reiki, Pellowah and a beautiful group practice called Om Chanting Meditation.

Refer to our dedicated pages for more about these life changes practices.

Love blissfully,


Founder of Om Reiki Connection