364 Days of Excellence – Day 13

What an auspicious day for such a topic. Lucky 13. A bakers dozen. Breaking a mirror, walking under a ladder, finding a four leaf clover or finding a wishbone. Good Luck. Bad Luck. Lucky. Unlucky.


The concept of Luckiness has been a long standing member in the club of cultural beliefs since we can remember. Defined in the Cambridge as ‘’a success or failure apparently bought by chance rather than one’s own actions’’, we all know that Lady Luck can be a fickle mistress. Sometimes bestowing numerous gifts & opportunities upon us, and other times taking almost everything away simply because ‘’she felt like it’’. We have Gods, Goddesses & Deities of Luck. We worship & pray to them in the belief that by offering them what we have, we curry their favour into showering us with more luck. There are all sorts of beliefs & rituals to be followed, sacrifices to be given in the name of goods & fortunes, catechisms to heeded.


Lo & behold, when a shower of Luck then miraculously appears, it solidifies that belief in staying in Lady Luck’s good books, thus the cycle continues.


Now, we are not saying that there is no such thing as luck & that everything in the Universe is quantified into dry, unimaginative processes. To a certain degree, every one of us believes in this invisible hand of Fate that either gives or stings. We all have the anecdotal proof that Luck exists. Finding $10 on the ground? Lucky! Getting that last Tim Tam from the box? Double lucky! Breaking a plate by accident? Unlucky. Your laptop breaking down just before your big presentation? Sorry mate, that’s just your luck.


When we speak about Luck & its presence in our lives, we generally refer to this abstract notion of an Unseen Force, an Invisible Hand ‘’up there’’ who decides, for reasons beyond our mortal understandings, that some people deserve more luck than others. And that when something bad happens to us, we have in some way invoked the displeasure of this Master/Mistress. Really brings you back to the good old days of superstition & wrathful Gods, doesn’t it?


In truth, these notions about Luck form portions of our cultural & ancestral identities. They are as diverse as we are & we should be proud in honouring, continuing & keeping these traditions alive. But just like everything in Life: moderation, understanding & active participation are the brushes in which you will paint your masterpiece with.





If you haven’t figured out the tune we have been singing up till now; here’s a gentle reminder. We are not puppets in this Great Dance. We are not insignificant beings whos every whim & direction is decided by a mysterious, Universal Source. We are the masters of our own ships. We are the Queens & Kings of our own Destiny. We may draw influences & inspiration from esoteric, spiritual & supernatural forces but we are not necessarily ruled by them. We are sovereign Beings with the power to affect our lives.



There are many parallels between Luck & Gambling. While we won’t go into detail about it, the basic premise is that we keep playing our chips in the hopes that our results will continue (Good Luck) or change (Bad Luck). Blindly entrusting our worth into probability & chance. Not only is this a hugely disempowering way of thinking & action, but it doesn’t make much logical sense as well! Who or what decrees the distribution of luck?


The answer is Us. We are the ones who decide what good luck & bad luck is. Everything is a result of an action & reaction; to borrow Sir Isaac Newton’s famous theory. There is an equal & opposite reaction the many ‘’mysterious’’ chances that we get thrust into. An easy example is getting stuck in traffic. A part of you may believe that this came about simply as a stroke of bad luck, but the more logical part of you knows that if you left 10 minutes earlier you could’ve had a smoother trip.


We’ve certainly had moments in our lives where we believe that Luck does exist & allow ourselves to bask in this moment of joyous serendipity, but the larger portion of cause-effect happens as a result of cause & effect.





It is as this point that the ardent followers of this beautiful, discriminating, selectively blindfolded Goddess of Fate will jump forward & declare that ‘’oh, I was born in this family & these circumstances, I didn’t ask for it’’, ‘’these amazing things are happening to me even when I didn’t ask for it’’, in a sense, they are correct. They have been ‘’lucky’’ enough to be given a certain amount of advantage without having to do any work for it. But then who did? Why their parents & previous generations have done the time so that you can now reap the bounty of their efforts.


It is comforting to see that within the society of successful individuals; from business, professional sports to startup companies & the entertainment industries, a big percent of them have come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Does this mean that being born poor or in a third-world country considered lucky? Rather it is due to their strong willpower, burning desire & dog-with-a-bone attitude that determines their success.


To serve up a platter of perspective that we can understand; by being born poor or disadvantaged, these individuals become intimate with the notion & reality of deprivation as they are forced to live with it day after day; financial, material, emotional or physical. This thus builds the kindling in which they ignite with the fire of their passions to seek something better; better job, better education, becoming a doctor, activist, entrepeneur, better person.


Those that are born in a more priviledged environment may not initially find themselves lacking in any way; but they are also ‘gifted’ their own fair shares of deprivation. Deprivations which may also serve as catalysts for better things.


We are all born with the exact same potential; the same piece of raw wood waiting to be carved into a unique creation. This potentiality does not refer to perfection but excellence (in which we are big fans of). The wood does not care if the carver is poor or rich, it only relies upon the experience & skill of the carver to bring out its true form.





To understand this more, we’re going to delve into some ancient teachings of Chinese cuture (which incidentally, are incredibly superstitious to begin with) to shed some insight.


Chinese culture operates predominantly on a potent mixture of logic & superstition. On one hand; they believe in hard work & the tough grind to get what they want, but they also leave some room for the mystical arts to help them along. If you enter the kingdom of Feng Shui, you will find yourself surrounded by its loyal vassals Luck & Fortune. At first glance, it all appears as superstitious rituals from an ancient culture, but a deeper look into it will reveal that even Luck & Fortune depends on the choices that we make. In a sense; Feng Shui (and other beliefs) simply helps direct certain energies into certain channels without unappreciating the hard work that has been put into it.


(*we hope that our Chinese readers don’t find this offensive as it is not our desire to derogate or dismiss any particular culture. In fact, one of us is Chinese who is very proud of her culture & beliefs*)



According to Chinese metaphysics & Feng Shui, Destiny is determined by ‘The 3 Fortunes’ also known as ‘The Cosmic Trinity’. These three types of luck are Heaven Luck, Earth Luck & Man Luck. All accompany us throughout our lifetime & have almost equal bearings on our Fate.


  • Heaven Luck: this is the luck that we are born with, pre-determined before birth. The good fortunes & karmic consequences that we have accumulated in our past lives that serve us in this present one. It is the blueprint in which we have been given that contains the secrets to help lead us to our Life’s purpose. While we have little control on how this Luck is distributed, our ultimate Destiny is still a choice.


  • Earth Luck: this luck comes from the Earth & the way we are nourished by the Earth via the five elements; earth, water, air, fire & metal. These five elements bring about creation, harmony, polarity & destruction. By understanding & creating harmonious flow between these elements & energies in your environment, one can harness Earth Luck in their lives.


  • (Wo)Man’s Luck: this is the luck that springs forth from the things we do to create our own fortune. The decisions we make, the (usually good) ideas that we implement & the attitude we cultivate all play a part in manifesting the our own, homemade luck.



Side note: for the purpose of what we’re exploring today; the above concepts only covers a primary understanding & we won’t go much deeper into Feng Shui. However, if you’re interested in finding out more; there are many wonderful resources available to discover more about the art & science of Feng Shui & how it can improve your life.

As we can see; there are correlations between what we spoke of earlier & what has been said thousands of years ago. The recipe for Luck hasn’t changed all that much since then, & with some notice, we can see that out of the three Lucks we have the power to influence 2 of them (Earth & Man’s Luck). This means that 2/3 of our Lives can be manipulated into our favour, giving us the chance to flip the vegan omelette if we so choose!


For the mathematically inclined, this means that 66.67% of how our Destiny plays out is a result of our actions & the choices we make. How lucky are we! (pun intended) With our own two hands & mind, we can take the reins & empower ourselves to create the Life that we want.


So rather than wallow in self-pity at our current circumstances, we can channel the energy used for despair into something productive & empowering. Actively directing Life into the channels that you not only desire, but deserve. We are more than pencil pushers, food servers & cogs in the machine. We are powerful Beings that have forgotten how to take charge of ourselves & instead place that authority in the hands of others. We are not alone; no man or woman is an island. We are surrounded by other beautiful & powerful Beings who are ready to give you a hand. We always encourage excellence & if that comes from seeking advice, financial/medical/spiritual help from others & even self-powered enlightenment, then by all means, go for it! We are responsible for our own lives & destinies but that doesn’t mean we have to go about it alone.


When we accept the responsibility of ourselves, we actively cut the strings of our Cosmic Puppeteer & take charge. Now, that is not to say that we have to completely abandon our previous beliefs & notions about things, but as with many things, by simply adding a different perspective to the matters at hand will more often than not, yield positive results.


So keep throwing salt over your shoulder & not walking under ladders, but always remember that our lives are our own. In this awkward moment between Birth & Death, we are the ones we have been waiting for. Not some cosmic babysitter. Us. Don’t put all your chips into Luck & stop comparing yourself to others. We are all here singing different melodies of the same song. What we are worth to ourselves is just as valuable as what others are worth to us. When we focus on what we can gain rather than what we lack, then suddenly, all our goals become reachable.


Catch your bag of the past, keep what you like & throw the rest into the recycling bin of Life to make some space for all the marvelous, brilliant & valuable experiences that will come your way! Create a legacy that will not only make you proud, but improve the lives of all those who encounter it.


Remember, Luck is what you make of it. When you elevate your attitude, actions & vibration, the Universe has no choice but to reflect that, nothing more, nothing less. Everything that happens to us is there to challenge us to rise above it. To conquer the obstacles in our way & become the Sovereign Power that we are.

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