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364 Days of Excellence: Day 12 – Take the Art and put it aside


What is Art?


Is it a painting? A song? A play? A child playing in the dirt? An atom?


Art is all those things & more. As a human construct; the idea of Art & Beauty is used to describe an emotional, mental, physical reaction to what we perceive. Art means many things depending on our internal representation of it.


Art is a form of expression that goes beyond the verbal or written. It is a form of communication that transcends all languages & can be found in all cultures around the world. It lurks in the folds of a marble sculpture, between the brushstrokes of a Monet. It dances in the moments between symphonies & minuets, transcending the bodily movements of dancers, actors & performers. But Art also goes beyond these physical representations & flows freely from an unknown source. It is present in the blooming of a flower & forms the nucleus of each seed. It comes with the crashing of waves & the forming of mountains. Sure, we may call it Universal Love, The Great Spirit, Godhead or any other monikers, but again, these are all simply different interpretations of the same thing.


Art is the expression of something that cannot be contained in its pure form. We attempt to recreate what we feel & see on the physical realm & end up with a dizzying amount of variations. It is a revolution of the Mind. Somebody once said art is the expression of something that it cannot be contained in its pure and essential form of regular communication so art is somehow a form of revolution as well as conservative and progressive at the same time.

In this aspect, it refers to Art being present in the form of a job. A job where carpenters, artisans, builders & so on create something from something else. In our minds, Art is related to any form of creation, & creation is life. Therefore, Art is the process of Being, of existing in one form or another. Our very existence is an artform; look at all the people in the world. Each & every one of us are unique creatures, with our own lives, dreams, fears & consciousness. We may find those whose beliefs align with ours but ultimately, at our cores, no two of us are identical.


One day at an acting workshop, we came across the quote ‘’prendi l’arte e mettila da parte’’ which translates to ‘’take the art & put it aside’’. The teacher of the workshop wanted to go into its entire broadness to allow us to understand how vague & ungraspable the true meaning of Art really is. As we discovered, Art cannot be defined by a single sentence or idea. It is an incorporeal entity that loves freely & universally.

In this train of thought, we believe that it is not necessary to have proper knowledge or meaning of something to be able to grasp it & live it. Is it not, in fact, true that our subconscious mind doesn’t need the conscious one to know what it already knows? Is it true that the conscious mind it is only useful as the functioning of a filter or interface between a more subtle reality and the physical one? And is it true that the physical reality is, by definition, a result of creation, therefore, the subconscious mind is and represents the creator, & that the conscious mind is and represents the creative tool for the creative process we call life, to take place and which will be not be able to experience without the conscious mind?

We all know that an ordinary tool has a way to be used to its specifics characteristic. This applies to standard and not sophisticated tools. Some of them can be used in many ways for different tasks. The conscious mind is arguably one of the most complex devices we possess so far.

Take meditation for example. It is an ancient practice that has been appropriated & developed by various cultures & religions. In certain circles it has left its traditional representation & adopted a newer, more modern description. A simple Google search will reveal a plethora of different methods & practices of meditation. Now, this is not saying that Meditation itself has lost its true meaning, rather, like a conscious entity, like Art, it has taken root in our psyches & evolved with the times.

‘’Meditation’’ itself can be considered as the raw material & the different practices today can be viewed as the ‘’tools’’ in which we use to understand it. The tool is a consequence, therefore a creation in itself of the creative power of that raw material. The tool can always be adjusted. For this reason the tool it is not responsible of making the rules of creation, it is only a mean, like the voice for the actor, but the actor can express himself in silence, the colour for the painter, the sound or notes for the musician and the moves for a dancer.

When we link ‘’take the art & put it aside’’ with ‘’meditation’’, it simply means that the process in which this practice has been adjusted is dependent on the tools used. The core value of the raw material still shines through. However, it can also be true to say that ‘’take the art & preserve it’’ then we get the opposite side of the same coin. By using the tools we have available we now have the means to preserve this raw material. By molding it to suit our purposes we ensure that it remains present in our consciousness & knowledge.

A classic example like the Mona Lisa is a perfect example of this concept at play. It is a physical representation of the beauty that Da Vinci saw. Using the tools he had he transcribed his vision of it upon canvas, thus preserving it. Nowadays the Mona Lisa is a famous artifact of a time long past, but it & Da Vinci still remains as an inspiration to us. This is an example of ‘’taking the art & preserving it’’.

The famous smile & hidden eyes can be found on mugs, shirts, puzzles & all manner of merchandise. We teach it in schools & classes, we extrapolate prose, poetry & further pieces of art from it, sometimes creating something completely different. But that core is still present no matter how deep it’s buried. This is ‘’taking the art & putting it aside’’.

The tools that we use for manifesting our creations in whatever shape or form are not to be disregarded as better than ‘’this way’’ or worse than ‘’that way’’. It is a tool. An instrument to bring to Life to that creation. During the creative process, there may be moments where our original tools or methods become not viable. We have to omit, modify or add steps & tools to be able to properly bring our creation to Life. But by changing up our methods we do not subtract from the essential essence of our creation. This paradox explains that the truth always has another side to it, which can also be true.


To comprehend the specific forms & identities of one’s Self through this creative process of being alive, to try & obtain a deeper, more complex understand the workings that surround us, both physically & metaphysically, we may have to drop our most important tool – our intellect. When our intellect is put in the back seat, a deeper comprehension of our true creative nature may be achieved.

There are many things in the Universe we cannot explain. Or we can explain but only through personal experience. Many of these happenings cannot be backed by scientific research, but if you believe in the concepts of Karma, Laws of Attraction, Cosmic Love, then you know that your belief in them isn’t limited to something like logic or science. It is a feeling in your gut that, a connection to that particular source that cannot be explained, but gets expressed through our thoughts, words & actions.


This is a broad conversation and can be quite philosophical and argued endlessly. Although if we stay on the practical side of it, the sense could be more direct, clear and useful in a specific aspect of life. We talked about in previous days the power of our thoughts, so just for a moment, take a leap of faith & believe that it is true. Take action to reinforce that belief even if you don’t know what the results will be.

We are instruments. Physical beings of endless possibilities. A form of creation that have sprung from its original source, evolved to express & represent the power of creation in this realm of existence. By having faith in our skills, experience & ourselves, we have the power to create a better, newer masterpiece. Surrender what you know & be creative.