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364 Days of Excellence: Day 12 – Take the Art and put it aside


I remember discussing this quote in my lessons at acting school: ” Prendi l’ Arte e mettila da parte”(“Take the art and put it aside”).

Our teacher wanted to go into the meaning of this quote in its entire broadness to see how vague and ungraspable it is the real meaning of this espression and the definition of Art altogether.

We can argue that the word Art means many things depending on what is our internal representation of it. I remember we discussed that for the entire night and when I thought of that again, I came out with a conclusion that can be of course argued back for the sake of it for another entire night.

Art is indeed related to a form of expression that goes beyond the verbal and written communication which is indeed used in some art forms. Art is also something that goes beyond the figurative representation, by all means, something like a painting or a drawing. Art is something that goes beyond the simple reproduction or organisation of sounds like it is in music, and it is definitely something that goes beyond the communication with the voice and bodies as it is in representation like poetry, dramas and dance. Art can be the mix of all of this and like somebody once said art is the expression of something that it cannot be contained in its pure and essential form of regular communication so art is somehow a form of revolution as well as conservative and progressive at the same time.

In many cases, this quote refers at art as in the meaning of a job, jobs when they were intended to be related to the ability to make something from something else, artisans, builders and so on.  Therefore it comes to my mind the Art is related indeed to any form of creation, and creation is life, so art is indeed the process of being, contained in a way or another.

Why am I saying this by the way?

It all started in my mind by having the thought to describe meditation to someone who doesn’t have a bright idea of what meditation is.

From this topic, by unfolding a plausible description of the word meditation, passing by all its traditional interpretation and modern misrepresentation I came to a conclusion again that sometimes it is not necessary to have proper knowledge or meaning for something to be able to grasp and live the essence of it.


Is it not, in fact, true that our subconscious mind doesn’t need the conscious one to know what it already knows? Is it true that the conscious mind it is only useful as the functioning of filter or interface between a more subtle reality and the physical one? And is it true that the physical reality is, by definition, a result of creation, therefore, the sub conscious mind is and represent the creator and, that the conscious mind is and represent the creative tool for the creative process we call life, to take place?

We all know that an ordinary tool has a way to be used to its specifics characteristic. This applies to standard and not sophisticated tools. Some of them can be used in many ways for different tasks, the conscious mind it is indeed one of the most complex devices unarguably so far.


For this reason, as many times before, I wanted to suggest, in my imaginary explanation or introduction of meditation, if we wish to, to take away the intellect for a second and not referring to all these words and meaning that we attach things and traditions to. Cultural stuff which is indeed essential under any circumstance but like we said at the start of this page for the art: ” Take the art and put it aside” so it applies to the words we use as well. It is there, but you need to forget it and give way to make new things happening. It is also true that it can be intended as ” Take the art and preserve it”  In the first case it is like saying that the creative process is not depending on the tool specifically.  The tool is a consequence, therefore, a creation itself of the creative power concerning the characteristic of what needs to be created. The tool can always be adjusted. For this reason the tool it is not responsible of making the rules of creation, it is only a mean, like the voice for the actor, but the actor can express himself in silence, the colour for the painter, the sound or notes for the musician and the moves for a dancer.

In the second session, it means sure that the tool can always be used for its purposed so it is definitely essential and not to be disregarded to be the way it is, if it fits the purpose.

In all these forms of creation, the tool as the mean of creation itself can be adjusted, modified, adapted to the new structure to be created and to do so there have to be involved a sort of form of surrender, somehow somewhere, in the creative process. A way that says that what we know already, have to, or can be, modified and also maintained in some of its forms. This quote expresses the paradox as well and explains that the truth has always its other side included being true. Something is true if its opposite is also true.

So to comprehend specific forms and identities of life as a creative process, the intellect, which is a tool of creation itself following the definition above stated, has to be dropped to be deeply involved in the comprehension of our true creative nature.


This is a broad conversation and can be quite philosophical and argued endlessly, although if we stay on the practical side of it, the sense could be more direct, clear and useful in a specific aspect of life.

Let’s stay tuned into this practical side of it then and proceed with accepting, for a leap of faith, just for a second that this is true and take action waiting for the results, for the facts, to show if and how this is true or not. And like for the art, intended as a form of creation and representation of the power of creation itself ,can be for a moment being taken aside to let that same power create the new or a new, if you like, a form of art.

Surrender what you know and be creative.

Have an excellent and artistic day!