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364 Days of Excellence: Day 11 – Write down the fear

Hallo awesome soul!

Like we said in one of the previous days of Excellence, your subconscious mind is there to keep you alive and protected. It will do anything she knows to keep doing so. Fact is that, sometimes, we have installed a not well efficient operating system that runs our subconscious , a program that works in conflicts with our values or simply that is configurated in fear mode.

Let’ state this:

The operating system that anyone has installed at the subconscious level, interacts with ordinary and present “reality” filtered through the intellect and conscious mind.

Same works in reverse, the “reality” filtered through the conscious mind, provides the unconscious with useful information to store and to be used to refine the operating system.

Things like experiences, stories, believes are those which are at the base of the programming of the operating system.

Most of the programming have its place in young age when we absorb everything and all the information get stored securely on a subconscious level for our safety and preservation. If something is conflict, we need to access that storage unites and change the information or the internal representation of that memory.

Like we said we can do that with a bunch of things: psicoanalisys, NLP, Ipnosys, Pellowah, Reiki etc.

In my experience, we can use also intentions, meditation and conscious talking.

Let’s take this last one in this chapter.

We continuosly talk to ourselves.

We say things we are not even aware of. Whenever you doing something or you’re are about to do something, there are little sentences we say to ourselves. Especially in those moments when we drag ourselves down, you can catch yourself saying something like: “You are not good enough”, ” You will never be able to” etc.

Good news is that if you want to get out of shitty situations like these ones we mentioned, you can reverse the process. If you listen carefully, you are able to detect the self-talking disempowering sentences that run through your mind and you can change the content of it. Simply transforming it in something more positive and empowering: ” I able to do so”, ” I am very good at this” etc. you will be able to shift your condition and take empowering choices and effective actions that you wouldn’t be able otherwise.

This is just a part of what I want to hi-light in this chapter.

I found that most times I don’t feel at ease in situations (disease) my operating system is running a fear wired or insecurity wired default program.

I give you an example. Sometimes my thoughts run fast and in a thought when I want to describe something I want, the fear to lose what I already have or not to be able to do what I can do, stop the manifestation of my project, the new. Is the instinct behaviour of not letting go of the comfort zone that kicks in, because too scared to go into the un-known.

In that moment there is a number of things I can say to myself to the point that I describe precisely what is that is going on making myself more comfortable about the situation, I describe clearly what I want and what I don’t want to happen so my subconscious knows that all the thinking and the new coming i am going to be fine actually. I make myself secure that my new thinking is not making myself in danger so whatever is running in my subconscious mind to protect me is convinced that what I am going to do is not armful or destabilizing.

I structure sentences like:

If I do X I am not going to lose Y ( where eX and Y are your personal data inputs)

Something like

If I go to that seminar to learn about psychotic behaviour I want to allow myself to absorb that information and behave as a psychopathic.

I gave you this example because I notice in myself and in many other people that most of the time we decide not to do things that we want to do or that would be efficient for us to do, because we are scared that the new notions or situations can somehow, and they would, if you are too vulnerable, interfere negatively or substitute the old ones without the possibility for us to be in control of what we want to accept in our lives and what we want to give away.  We think we are working just fine so we prefere to stay where we are without running any risk.

If that is what is happening to you too, i got a suggestion.

Write down exactly what is that you are telling to yourself in regard of what makes you scared and modify the sentences to fit better the order of your values, rules (so there is nothing in conflict with them) and ste exactly what you will get off from a new situation or decision and what you are not willing to get on board. I personally found that by doing so, i feel more comfortable in following through my plans and achieve the most out of them becoming succesful and rewarded.

That’s all for today of Excellence

Give a kick to your fear and have another excellent day !