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364 Days of Excellence: Day 11 – Write down the fear


Hola awesome human,


Today is a continuation of the previous Day where we touch upon how our subconscious mind is our guardian. It keeps us protected & alive, & it will do anything it can to preserve the essence of your being. It’s so effective, in fact that it still has an operating system that dates back to our Neanderthalean days. There is a part of our minds that is configurated to fear.
Fear plays a big part in human history. When we were living in caves & hunting with sticks, fear kept the species alive by making sure we were afraid of large predators. And throughout the ages various civilizations have risen & fallen due to conflict, war, religion & intellect. Running its tendrils through psychology, Fear & it’s related cousins has been widely researched & used today to understand various mental illnesses & issues.





The mental operating system that everyone has installed in their noggin interacts with ordinary & present Reality through intellect & the conscious mind. Everything that has happened to us; all the information we have received from stories, experiences & beliefs is filtered through our consciousness as ‘useful’ or ‘irrelevant’ information in regards to how they can be useful in our lives.


A way for our minds to filter, organize & make use of this constant stream of knowledge is to perform an act called Conscious Talking. Whether verbally or mentally, we continuously talk to ourselves. After all, that’s what conscious thinking is. So conscious talking is when we have a running commentary going. We say things that we may not even be aware of. Whenever we are doing something or about to do something, there are little sentences we say to ourselves.


Especially in those moments when we’re not in a good headspace or when we’re confronted with a negative situation, we can catch ourselves saying:


You’re not good enough

You will never be able to..

I’m scared about this..

What were you thinking?




The good news though, is that if you want to get out of these undesirable situations, you simply have to divert the flow of conscious talking into a more positive channel. If you listen carefully, you can hear the disempowering or self-deprecating comments that are being said & tweak the content of it.


I am good enough

I am going to be able to..

I am confident that I can..

I’m so happy that I had this idea!



The changes are subtle, but used effectively, have the power to reverse your whole perspective. When you immerse yourself in a light of positivity, you can make effective choices, affirmative actions that you might have never otherwise considered.





When we don’t feel at ease in an undesirable situation, we usually gravitate towards a fear based response. Either we have a ‘flight or fight’ response where anxious feelings usually arise, or an insecurity based program where self-deprecating thought patterns come into play. These two are actually similar in nature with a certain degree of overlap.



For example:


Sometimes when your thoughts run fast & even though you want to describe something, you cannot seem to form the words & can’t think straight. Or when you’re about to embark upon a new venture, chapter or adventure in your life, and there is that fear of the unknown. That tempting feeling of returning back to the safety of the womb & the warmth of our comfort zone because you KNOW that everything is certain there.



In those moments there are things we can say to ourselves that may alleviate the problem. Things we can say to establish some grounding & foundation; therefore making ourselves more comfortable with the situation. Now, this is where Conscious Talking comes into play.


We describe clearly what we want & don’t want to happen so that we clarify things to our subconsciousness. Like a little lullaby, simply by vocalizing our thoughts & feelings outwards stops it from bottling up within us & getting confused. By releasing all that energy into reality, on a subconscious level our minds is in the loop of our thinking process & that whatever happens, we will be fine. We remind ourselves that our new way on thinking & that this opportunity will not put us in danger, convincing us that what I am going to do is not harmful or destabilizing.


If we take notice, we will see that when sometimes we (many of us) choose not to do a particular thing that on paper, seems like a good idea, it is because we are scared of the possibility that this new situation would somehow interfere negatively or substitute our old programming with something that can hamper us. That fear of ‘’something could go wrong’’ can be a mighty powerful opponent at times. That fear can cripple us & limit us to our full potential.


If you’re scared of new experiences & the risk of something going wrong, here’s a thought you can chew on. Out there in the maze of the internet lies one of our favourite videos of ‘’The Rabbi & The Lobster’’ which you may have heard of.


We highly recommend it because the Rabbi tells it better than anyone. The story goes…



“How do lobsters grow?

…a lobster is a soft mushy animal that lives inside of a rigid shell. That rigid shell does not expand.

…how can the lobster grow!?

As the lobster grows, that shell becomes very confining… the lobster feels itself under pressure and uncomfortable. It goes under a rock formation to protect itself from predatory fish, casts off the shell and produces a new one. Well eventually that shell becomes very uncomfortable as it grows… back under the rocks… and the lobster repeats this numerous times.”

As the Rabbi has observed, stressful situations can become the stimulus for growth. It is the feeling of discomfort that forces the lobster to retreat & grow a new shell. We are not advocating throwing yourself into stressful situations left, right & center. In the long term, an excess of extreme stress leads to debilitating results.

While stress is not a good thing, the opportunity it creates is. It triggers an opening for affirmative action, positive choices & eventually significant positive change.

“…we have to realise that times of stress are also times that are signals for growth.

…if we use adversity properly we can grow through adversity.”


By making the most of the predicaments we find ourselves in, we can conquer that fear & rise above it. Life is full of adventures & adversity comes part & parcel with it. We cannot avoid the challenges that come our way & nor should we. By recognizing the symptoms & triggers for undesirable situations we can then utilize it as an instrument to protect ourselves & grow stronger.

Think back to our times of growth in the past & we’ll find that in most cases, when we are faced with an extremely stressful situation, our subconscious takes control & makes decisions to protect us & show ways of escape from it. Keeping the analogy of the Lobster in mind, this is what we take away from this exercise:

– We retreat to a safe place & look inwards to focus only on what’s important to us (growing a bigger & stronger shell)

– casting off & discarding bits that no longer serve us (casting off old shell). These things or people might have played a key part in your strength or fear in the past & this part may be a difficult, scary & painful process.

But have hope! Because once that old shell is gone, we can now grow a newer, stronger shell to face the world with. So by facing your fears & the stresses of Life head on, armed with pen & paper, we can bring these demons out into the light. We can see them clearly & banish them with the power of our Self-Love, Minds & Willpower.