364 Days of Excellence: Day 10 – Who makes the rules

Hello Beautiful People!

Today we move forward in our year of Excellence talking about rules, yes, because we all know that the universe is ruled by Caos, but it is still ordered by something. This means that doesn’ t matter how chaotic those rules are they are still in fact rules.

But who makes them?


This is as simple as it is.

Yeah, I know there are laws and all types of hierarchies in all direction here on Earth, although, ultimately, you are the one who chooses to accept and respect them as yours.

You might have to pay consequences if you don’t respect these orders, but still, it is your choice.

It is clear then that you are the one that chooses the rules to build upon your own life, not only in the society but, more importantly, in the way you accept and respect your own values:

  • what makes you happy
  • what makes you sad
  • what makes you satisfied
  • what makes you loved
  • what makes you friendly
  • and so on….

Choose your values, order them in a priority menu and discover what rules you apply for them to be satisfied.

This is the rules you choose to manifest your life so they should be achievable. The good news is that the rules can be changed however you want them to be. Don’t believe me?

Why do you wanna change your rules anyway? (you might ask) To satisfy other people needs? Not necessarily.

This is, in fact, the juice of the matter here. Maybe those rules are not really yours. They have been installed during your tender years of growth in your operating system, and you have just adopted them as truth or moral code that makes you being right (for whatever that means anyway), and now they are in conflict with who you really are or with what you really want to be.

Maybe the rules you have been unable to satisfy a particular value of yours. They are too hard to be respected or too complicated, or they are in contradiction with each other.

Anything can be. The good part is that you are the one that can change the rules however you like and whenever you like. Off course you have to be realistic, and your subconscious mind has to accept them accordingly to your integrity.

Yes, because your subconscious mind does everything for you even when you don’t think about it (imagine all your body functions for example) and it does it to maintain you alive and protected.

If something doesn’t agree with the subconscious set up of safety and integrity, your rationality can try as much as you wish to change a rule, it won’t happen. Hardly it will succeed until the subconscious has fully accepted it.

That’s why sometimes we say something to ourselves, but we don’t fully believe in it, and it is challenging to get rid off complicated behaviour or disempowering thought patterns, especially dealing with traumatic experiences. That’s why is difficult to change until you really want it.

Technically, sometimes, we need to get there where a program or an experience is stored in our unconscious mind, reopening that storage box, to change the content of it( there is not a real box, by the way, it is just a metaphor).

Ipnosys, NLP, Meditation, Pellowah, Reiki and all sort of other things,  permit to get and inspect the boxes of memories in the unconscious level to change or modify something that it is not working in our advantage so to be, to feel and to function better.

Our program of ABM (Applied Breakthrough Meditation) for example, it is a dedicated strategy that works precisely at that level to get rid of tensions un-wanted emotions and disempowering behaviours by the use of practical meditations.

Sometimes it is only necessary to recognise the rules we apply to respect our core values and consciously change them to be able to have an entirely different set and operating system.

Maybe you want to make a list of Values and rules and see if there is some conflict in the rules you have established. Perhaps you want to get rid of some of this rules or modify them or maybe making them possible or just your rules a little bit easier to be respected so for your values to be finally satisfied.

Nobody said the rules have to be hard!!!! Make your life easier!

So, I got to ask the question again:

” Who makes the rules?”

Your answer now…….

Good, well done! You ‘re “right”… or ” left”… doesn’t really matter.. 🙂

You are still the captain of the ship, remember?

Enjoy your flight and keep an eye always to the ground for some necessary landing 😉

Have another Excellent day!