364 Days of Excellence: Day 10 – Who makes the rules



Today we’re moving forward in our year of Excellence by talking about rules. On a personal level I like to believe that Paradox and Chaos are two main laws that govern the univers and all of us in between. And because the first one is true the Chaos is dominated by a perfect law of order, or chaotic order!


Whatever belief system you subscribe to, they all share a common underlying feature. They have a skeleton of rules that govern their very being. And if we think about it, everything in our known world is bound by rules. Society functions because of their foundation of rules, flora & fauna live, flower & die by the seasons, the laws of physics & science. In fact, humans are full of rules! We have them for how we act in public, what our moral compass is guided by, how to make the bed, how to brew a cup of tea & even to what we eat.





There are many laws & hierarchies in the world in all directions here on Earth. Sure there are general rules that everyone accepts, after all, this is how we function collectively as a species. Although ultimately, you are the one who chooses which rules to follow & accept as your own. There may be consequences that come with following/discarding certain rules, but still, the choice is yours.


Within the scope of our individual existence, it is clear then that we are the ones that chooses the rules to build upon our own life, not only in the society but, more importantly, in the way we accept and respect our own values:

  • what makes us happy
  • what makes us sad
  • what makes us satisfied
  • what makes us loved
  • what makes us friendly

Everyone is different. Choose your values, order them in a priority menu and discover what rules you can apply for them to be satisfied.



Since these rules are the backbone of your Life, they should be attainable & achievable. It seems somewhat counter-intuitive to have rules that are too restrictive or lax, resulting in a confused jumble. What many people don’t realize is that these rules are not static boundaries. We have the power to change them whenever & however we see fit. We are not bound by the rules we made a year ago, as they may no longer be relevant in our lives. By refining & evolving your own rules, you can perfect your existence & who knows, maybe something more beautiful will come from it.

Why would you want to change your rules? Is it because of personal growth? Or is it to satisfy other people’s needs? It’s all fine & dandy if we’re growing for ourselves, but if we are compromising our own beliefs & values because of other people, then that’s when we have a wee kink in the works.

Ever since we’ve started walking, talking & understanding the world around us, we have been inundated by rules. Rules that have been installed into the tender operating systems of our childhood & youth, rules & ‘’truths’’ that have come from reliable sources such as our parents, teachers & other adults. Then we have adopted them as our truth & moral code that makes us ‘’right’’ (whatever that means). But now they may be in conflict with who you really are or with who you want to really be. We’re going to take the very fact that you’re still reading this book & are up to this Day could be an indication that you might be a bit tired of old rules & want to change them.

When you modify your rules, you have to take note that they have to be realistic. You can’t go from one day thinking ‘’I’m going to stop eating meat’’ to the next day ‘’let’s kill all the evil corporations in the world’’. I mean, sure, if that’s what you want to do, go for it! But just be aware that there are several steps in between. When you’re realistic, your subconscious mind has a chance to integrate them properly into your moral, emotional & physical integrity. Your subconscious mind does everything for you; from regulating your bodily functions & fighting off germs & diseases. It does its utmost best to keep you alive & protected without making you aware of it.

When was the last time we were aware of our own nose? Our eyes can physically perceive our nose, but because that information doesn’t really serve any use, it files it away. Leaving our minds with more storage space for other important data.

If something doesn’t align with your subconscious system of protection & integrity, then try as you might, whatever new rule you want to enforce or change, won’t happen. This is a clue from us to ourselves that there is something within us that needs to be changed before we become compatible. It’s like if we decide to get fit & exercise, but continue to eat junk food & ignore the doctor’s advice. We won’t end up fit & healthy but with a heart attack instead.

That’s why sometimes when we say something to ourselves but we don’t fully believe in it, it can be extremely challenging to get rid of complicated behaviour or disempowering thought patterns, especially dealing with traumatic experiences. That’s why it is difficult to change unless you really, truly want to.

In our past experience, changing our own rules have come simply from entertaining the idea of change, such as ‘’I’m going to stop drinking’’ & after a time, waking up one day & suddenly feeling that it is a part of us. Other times, repetitive reinforcement (visual cues, a positive support system, books & apps, self motivation) have been the ones that work. So what we’re saying is that there’s no ONE way to change a rule, you simply have to do what works best.

Since these rules are part of our subconscious mind, when we’re on that journey of change & evolution, we have to go up to the mental attic, find the storage box labelled “RULES’’, open it & sort through the content within. Hypnosis, NLP, Meditation, Pellowah, Reiki and all sort of other practices are alternative ways that allow us to get to & inspect these boxes.

Our program of ABM (Applied Breakthrough Meditation) for example, it is a dedicated strategy that works precisely at that level to get rid of tensions, unwanted emotions and disempowering behaviours by the use of practical meditations.


A good exercise is to physically manifest your rules. Writing them down on paper allows us to see them clearly for what they are. Then it can be easier to tweak them so that they are more aligned with our core values. Like with Affirmations (Day 9), if you’re not completely happy with them, get rid of some if they’re outdated, or modify them so that they are easier to be respected & achievable.

Eventually you may have an entirely different set of rules & a bright, shiny, new operating system. The rush of excitement & happiness one gets when they decide to change a part of themselves for the better is an aphrodisiac experience.

Contrary to popular belief, rules don’t have to be hard. Banish all memories of harsh school rules or strict parental values. Your own rules are entirely yours to conjure up, be responsible for & be the master of. So have fun with it! Experiment with all aspects of your life – from the ordinary to the important. Make your life easier by relaxing some rules, or gain control of your Self with some new boundaries.

Remember, we are the captains of our own ship. We make our own rules!