364 Days of Excellence: Day 9 – Captain Excellence

Hello, Every Lovely Soul,

in the Day of the 8th, we spoke about: how to get a routine that gets you up and moving with the effective foot towards the realization of your day and your goals.

Today we take care of these situations where the Mind sets a trap for you and makes it difficult to get out of negative self-bitting thought patterns, which immobilize you and refrain you to make effective actions.

So, this is useful when, if you are like me, you make something happen that you rather prefer you didn’t, you get stuck in that paradigm for the rest of the day, if you are lucky!

I am not talking necessarily about having killed someone or something of the same calibre, which probably would make the worries and guilt justified, I am talking about ordinary stuff that your extraordinary sensibility makes it look like you did.

In these situations, i found it and still finding it unique how to get rid of that negative and disempowering thinking process, which laudly and continuosly says ” You should have not done it, you should have done this instead” and the mind can also carry on projecting as a part of the thinking menu something like ” Oh, if you would have done that way instead of this way, now you would have this happening ( all sort of positives), instead now this is going to happen (all sort of negatives).  Guess what happens then, “where your attention goes”… (you must know the rest of the sentence by now..if you don’t, I give you a tip…) “energy flows”!

When I was younger, I would spend weeks, sometimes, torturing myself over and over.

As I grew, accepting less the pain to be a predominant part of my ordinary living, I become determined to let go of such behaviour, therefore, I started to investigate and explore new and more empowering alternatives.

It took me time but, eventually, i came to a conclusion, ” it was true only in my mind” so if I would let it go from it, the issue would cease existing also in ” reality”.

Letting go is always an option, but when it is difficult to do so because the neuro associations are so strong and ingrained in your system and they do not allow the letting go to happen, you need to exercise something that allows changing these neuro association, establishing new ones and continuously reinforcing them. New ways of thinking, new relationships between you and the things you do.

First thing I found useful and effective to do,it is to break the pattern.

When you catch yourself felling in one of this disempowering situations, the first thing to do is to adopt straight away a short quick breakthrough pattern.

I know now that’s easy to say but if you like, I give you this analogy.

I have noticed on myself that when it returns to have my mind floating in this sea of uncertainty and anxiety, I often feel like an air balloon in the middle of a storm.

My usual sense of orientation is gone, my mind jump from a terrible thought to another giving thousand of  negative resolutions, my heart rates rise up, my breath is shallow and I might feel a strong energy vibration at the level of the heart and a sort of heavy load in my head that I can’t think clear.

I know by that point that grounding the balloon is an effective first move.

I can literally use the metaphor in my mind by calling back the balloon on earth and secure it waiting for the storm to pass. I use what I call ” The Heart to Earth technique”

Breathe through and bring that balloon down focusing on your belly when you breathe.

During the storm I won’t worry about consequences, I say to myself: ” I am not in a condition to fly now, I will stay then grounded until the storm has passed.” Can the pilot control the storm? You bet he can not so he better be wise and fly low or not flying at all.

Off course not flying it doesn’t mean being immobilized on a sofa still thinking about the storm that you got in your head. It means proceeding in your ordinary life without using your mind too much to resolve the situation that created the issue in the first place. Not flying it means, do not go roaming around too much with your head like a crazy balloon in a storm trying to find a solution changing the past. Leave it, the storm will pass the negatives thoughts with it and you will navigate clearly.

So, as this could not seem to be easy for someone, I want to give few options on how to do it:

  1.  Use balloon metaphor and carry on in what you need to do, setting the intention that you will then start using your intellect on the situation when the storm has passed. here it is ” I now ground myself and I start navigating again when the storm has passed.” It is natural now, that you don’t have to ask yourself every two seconds: ” Has the storm passed?” you will instinctively recognise it without having to think of it. ( where your attention goes your energy flows, attention on storm.. storm will be, attention on peace and grounding?.. peace and grounding..:) )
  2. As the Mind’s processes are associated with a physical or physiological reaction, intervening on your body  is a good option, so you can
  • take a deep breath
  • breath in the belly literally grounding your mind( using the techniques mentioned in the Day of Founding Grounding)
  • Do stretching ( Hatha Yoga)
  • Do meditation (Raja Yoga)
  • Do anything about your daily rituals
  • Eat something new
  • Go somewhere you rarely go
  • listen to some positive music
  • dance
  • smile
  • Hava a cold shower (maybe just your feet)
  • Do something that makes you laugh
  • forgive yourself
  • Use potential and empowering questions!
  • Book a Reiki session (call us 🙂 )
  • Book a Pellowah session (call us 🙂 )

When you have done some of this, you can return to the situation if you want and see that it wasn’t so bedded in the first place, ah, what a release.

Use now empowering questions!!!!

“What can I learn from this situation?” “How can I be the best version of myself having learned this new thing about myself?”

Go and fly life again free of worries, you are the best pilot of your own plane!

Have a nice flight captain and have an excellent day of course 🙂