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364 Days of Excellence: Day 8 – Caress-start your day

How we start our day is very important; when we get into the right mood we set off the rest of our day. We’ve all woken up on the wrong side of the bed & felt like a tangle of string. You know that feeling? Where you try to make do with the best you can but it just feels a little bit off-kilter?


Yep, we’ve all been there. We’ve had our fair share of bad mornings & we’ve decided that enough is enough. If you’re on the bandwagon, say it with us!


No more bad mornings!

From today onwards we will have the best mornings we can!


The day may throw some curveballs at us to keep us on our toes but if we can start from the get-go with good energy, then we’re ready for whatever comes our way.


Let’s start our day with a kick, or even better, with a caress of positivity. We can achieve this by not lying in bed, checking our phones or lazing about. A few of them once in a while is nice as a treat, but if you make it a habit, then it becomes one. Instead, jump out of bed & get the blood flowing! This way, our day begins on a good note & by the generous Laws of Attraction, we will most likely complete more tasks throughout the day & therefore in that state of awareness, are alert to the subtle details useful for the manifestation of our goals.






Now we’re not saying that you need to scale a mountain or write a book before your morning cup of tea, start of slowly. Build a ritual that is easy enough to follow through once you wake up. One that you can repeat every morning.


We like to start our days with a simple act of ‘’Giving Thanks’’. Give thanks for the new day, for the sun that has risen in the sky & the whole world of possibilities & opportunities that you have woken to. By simply instilling a sense of gratitude in the morning does wonders for the skin, mind & soul.

Don’t wish or beg for a good day as that generates an expectation, & when if your day doesn’t go as well, then you end up disappointing yourself. We talked earlier on the first Day about how Expectation usually falls short of reality & invites negative emotions to flourish. So we would like to nip that in the bud instead. Giving thanks & expressing gratitude is much more effective.


Affirmations are another great way to start your day. Affirmations are declarations of intention which hold immense power & when used for the greater good, can attract incredibly positive energy & manifestation.


To give you some idea & get you started, here are some of the ones we have used & found effective:


Giving Thanks:


I give thanks to the air I am breathing.

I am grateful for waking up today.

I am happy, healthy & safe. For that I am grateful.

I am thankful for the roof over my head & the bed I can sleep in

I am grateful for my family & friends.

I give thanks to all those in my life who bring me understanding & Love.

I am grateful for Love.

I am thankful for Gaia, the Universe & all the energies within it.





I am a vessel for the Universal Spirit, through me Love, Compassion & Truth flows freely & abundantly.

I am a better than I was, I will be better than I am.

I am a magnet for Abundance, Love & Truth. These are resources that come freely to me.


And a personal favourite:


Every day I am recognizing more & more what is best for my vibration. I am honouring it & using it to guide me higher daily. My soul is at peace because of my dedication & reclaimed ownership of my vibration.



Even writing this has brought a smile to our faces. That is the power of Affirmation & Gratitude. There is a plethora of material out there to draw inspiration from, just make sure to only choose the ones that resonate with you & give you a good feeling when you read them. This indicates a compatibility; whether it’s something you need or are attracted to (your gut will tell you), & by doing so, you simply magnify the vibration that is already present.


There are other ways to jumpstart your day with good chemicals & energy. You can stretch (Hatha Yoga), meditate (Raja Yoga), sing a song or refer to God/Goddess-like figures (Bhakti Yoga) or read a paragraph from your favourite book (Jnana Yoga).


You can also wash your face, brush your teeth, make your bed or reward yourself which all fall under ‘Karma Yoga’. Like its namesake, you can, in a sense, be open to receiving good karma for your good actions. But the whole topic of Karma is something we’ll expand on another day. But in terms of what you can do to start your day in a good way, you decide what’s best for you! You can do as many or as little as you want.


But an important thing to remember is not to over-exert your first on the first day. Shanti shanti, we like to say. Start off slow & then gradually expand your ritual over time. A good place to start is with one task a day – but do it properly with intention. So that you get that rush of pleasure & accomplishment. If you simply blaze through your ritual without any real feeling behind it, it will take longer to kick in ops, I should say caress in.


Once you have noticed results with your choice of task, add another one on. Rinse & repeat. We tend to have better results & stick to our promises when they’re associated with positive feelings rather than negative ones. We’ve all heard about fad-diets which have a total run time of days & sometimes even hours. If we have the mindset that we are depriving ourselves of something rather than improving something about ourselves, then we’re less inclined to keep it up.


And this is a diet. It’s a diet for the mind & body. If we take care with every new step then the process becomes smoother & more enjoyable. It takes 21 days to create a new habit. Those days can be fun, exciting & enlightening. All you need to get rid of a tendencies is introducing one sigle new habit.


So have fun with it & test-run whatever strikes your fancy. Eventually, you’ll create a ritual that fits you perfectly. When it starts to run stale, you’re welcome to change it up! Take some old ones out & put some new ones in. By constantly refining & evolving, our daily transformation becomes an adventure on its own right.


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