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364 Days of Excellence: Day 4 – Finding a safe place and grounding

For ourselves, we have to take care in the types of words we speak.


When we vocalize negative, judgemental or self-deprecating thoughts such as –


Am I as good as this person?

They’re better than me at this job…

I don’t deserve to have this thing..

I’m worthless…

I make so Having discovered the power of gratitude, we can now pass into a new step that also helps towards guaranteeing an excellent day in case of an emotional roller coaster!


We all know that emotions & thoughts create the base of our realities, they also determine the choices & actions we take. These make them very powerful tools that, when properly understood, can open a whole new world of possibilities. What fewer people know is that what we say also plays a big part in this creation. As we aim to manifest what we want many mistakes, why am I so stupid?

I will never be as good as…


Then we set ourselves up for the energy that these thoughts bring. We encourage the continuation of unproductive cycles of happenings that will not allow us to realize our full potential.


Imagine the Universe & the energies within it as a mirror. It is a tool that reflects what we put out. The funny thing with the Universe is that it does not differentiate which energies are being projected, in the same way a mirror doesn’t understand if you show a happy, sad or angry face. We are the ones who determine the meanings behind what we see.


In the same vein; if you put out negative & depressing energy (our thoughts & actions) then the Universe will pick up on that & bounce it back. Thus perpetuating that cycle. With this in mind, would it not be logical to project as much Love, Kindness, Positivity & Compassion we can to receive it back in abundance?




Now this doesn’t mean that we’re asking you to force yourself to be happy at all times because that means we’re trying to be ‘Perfect’, rather than ‘Excellent’. Instead, we ask you to be as truthful as you can to yourself with what you are feeling. Allow for the variations of the mind to happen without letting them control you.


Our thoughts & emotions can come from somewhere deep in the unconscious mind; that is, we think we do not consciously decide how we feel. They seems to come bubbling up to the surface when we entertain certain thoughts & experiences, & sometimes, they’re not very fun to deal with!


How many times have you experienced that feeling where you have a definite answer to a situation; a feeling that you have in your gut, but for some reason or another, cannot seem to find a way to express it Only to have that feeling linger on unfinished, unsatisfied & unhappy with the outcome?


Sometimes we feel so trapped in an emotional blender that even getting out of bed is too difficult. But then we are stuck in bed, paralyzed with an overabundance of chaotic thoughts! We all have these moments of insecurity, of fear, & we’re sure that we speak for all when we say that we want to limit these moments as much as possible.


However do not despair, there is hope. On the flip side of that coin, do we remember the moments when everything seemed to go right? When we felt strong, empowered & brave enough to stand up & speak our mind. That surge of confidence & unwavering belief that we are right? It’s quite the rush, isn’t it? It is that particular energetic flow that we want to tap into as often as we can.


To learn how to consciously access this state of mind, it is essential for us to establish a safe place to go to any time unfavourable situations arise. This is a technique that works best when we practice it, not just in our low moments, but in during our times of Excellence as well.

A place where, regardless of what is going on and what sparked the fireworks of disorientation and bought you a ticket to the intrepid emotional roller coaster, you can go back at will and restore peace within yourself ready to reorganise your thoughts and start again from a more settled and stable position.

This is what we call Grounding. For us, this word conjures up images of tree roots going into the ground, supporting & planting us firmly in one place. It is the same. Grounding is a technique which allows us to get back to our center when we’re feeling off-kilter.

A good analogy would be to imagine yourself as a hot air balloon who gets tossed about in all directions by the wind in the moment of a storm. Grounding allows us to find an anchor to throw, establishing a connection with the Earth through a resistant lifeline. Then, as we feel safe & secured, we can stay still, observing the wind & waiting for the storm to pass.


Emotions happen. As humans, emotions are part of the genetic package & we’ve lived with them since the dawn of humankind (maybe). Of course, we can try to supress them but we all know how that turns out. (Hint: it’s not good)

Emotions are natural states of being that come about from chemical & physiological reactions to external stimulus, & like thoughts, have a natural lifespan. So long as we become aware of them & don’t feed them with more fuel (continuous, destructive patterns of behaviour), sooner or later, we are able to see the situation more clearly & calmly. Inevitably, it all sorts itself out. We can also apply diferent filters but this is something we will approach later on down the lane.

With grounding, we can courageously accept and embrace things for what they are regardless of our expectations and generally build upon them from a more serene and peaceful perspective which, inevitably, offer more productive ideas and effective actions, naturally providing the well-deserved life that we want for ourselves.


Remember, where your attention goes your energy flows!

Your safe place does not adhere to the bounds of reality. It can be real or imaginary; a beautiful garden of your creation or a cherished childhood memory. It doesn’t even have to be a place! It can be a any object; a picture of an ascended master, a sacred animal, a tree, or even a mantra or a song that has a special connection to you. Anything goes, as long as it is strong enough to bring you peace even in the middle of a cyclone.

Your safe space/thing should make you feel warm & protected. A moment in time that allows you to bring your focus in without feeding any other types of emotions. It is a place where you are safe but is also a place where you can observe what is going on to grow and thrive. The safe place it is not a hiding place it is somewhere you gather again all of your strength ready to make effective actions (or just avoiding unnecessary ones).

We often use a type of meditation called ‘’Hara meditation’’ to establish a dialogue with this space. ‘’Hara’’ is a Japanese word for womb or abdomen, & ‘’Hara meditation’’ refers to sending energy to one of the most potent energetic areas in the physical, human body. Known generally as the 2nd chakra or Svadhisthana to Indian tradition,this area is found just a bit below the belly button. In other Eastern practices, the gut/abdomen is where chi (life energy) gathers.

You know the saying ‘’trust your gut’’? There you go. Naturally, you’re welcome to choose whatever part of the body you like, like your big toe or knee, but just keep in mind that some places offer a different energy charge than others.

Alternatively, you can simply take a moment to inhale deeply with your diaphragm inflated, then exhale through your mouth. Repeat as necessary until you reach a place of quiet & calm.

This allows the mind to calm down & offer an immediate sense of relief & peace. Then comes the calming of the body. By allowing your heart rate & nervous system to slow down; the unconscious brain starts producing all the proper chemicals needed to recalibrate your higher functions & re-establish a sense of functionality. This reinforces your strength & puts you back on the path of Excellence.

We’re not going to spend too much time on describing this type of meditation here, there is a brief introduction on our Youtube channel as well as many sources online for you to discover.


As this chapter has outlined the principles & benefits of grounding, it is important to search, establish & reinforce your safe space in moments of tranquility so that it becomes strong, reliable & unpenetrable to destabilising forces in those moments of vulnerability.

You can start right now. Like a muscle, grounding & the other topics mentioned in this book are best kept in good shape. Find time to work on them as often as possible. Before bed, after you wake up, when you’re on the porcelain throne or stuck in traffic. By keeping your instruments of Excellence sharp & in top condition, you will always be ready for whatever comes your way.

Once again, we wish you love as you continue your march towards Excellence in this year of Manifestation.

Be grateful, be abundant, be excellent & above all, be safe!