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364 Days of Excellence: Day 3 – Gratitude


Hello Lovelies,

Guten Morgen for our German brethren, or Buon Giorno if you’re feeling Italian, even G’day Mate! The traditional greeting of Australia, the land down under. Whichever country you come from, are living in, or languages you can speak, we wish you a very very Good Morning!


Before we launch ourselves into today’s topic of Gratitude, we would like to start off by encouraging you to have excellent days tomorrow, next week, the rest of the year & the rest of your life as well! Now, you might have thoughts running through your mind such as :


‘’what is an excellent day? How do I have it? But not all days are good, some are bad. It’s impossible to have always have an excellent day.’’


And you are right, some days are bad, and some days are good, but what defines an ‘excellent’ day isn’t defined by what happens to you over the course of 24 hours, rather it is the attitude that you carry with you. We believe that attitude determines much of what happens to you, or at least your perception of it. We know that it won’t be smooth sailing all the way through (and let’s be honest, what’s the fun in that), instead, Life will throw wrenches & obstacles, as well as opportunities at us. We cannot predict when or where they will come from, but with the right attitude, we can turn them into valuable, insightful experiences to help further our growth as Beings.


We believe that an excellent day is a day where we get the most out of it. A day that grants us the opportunity to thrive, grow, feel fulfilled, motivated & ready to contribute positively to not only ours, but other peoples’ lives.


An excellent day ALWAYS leads to a pleasant day!


We know sometimes that plans go amiss; the things you have planned fall apart & you feel like nothing goes right. Then we ask ourselves ‘’how can I make this an excellent day when NOTHING feels excellent?’’ A common enough occurrence, Goddess knows it has happened to us a fair few times.


Those days can be difficult, but there is a secret trick that has been utilized for centuries over many cultures around the world, but seldom mentioned in the history books. This trick aligns with no religion or race, welcoming to all & can even be taught to the most stubborn individuals.


All it takes is a little time, practice & an open heart but once it kicks in, it becomes one of the most transformational tool that turns dust into gold.


Ladies, Gentlemen, all Human Beings,

We are happy & honoured to present to you today

the undiscussed, the inseperable, the magnificent

Source of all Good in Life

A cure to all the days where things go wrong




The sweet, free-flowing ambrosia that is Gratitude has been a panacea for the broken hearted, beaten down & wayward souls for as long as Humankind has inhabited the Earth.

Gratitude is present to those with who choose to see it, it is alive, growing in strength every time it is practiced. It can be ingested liberally, before & after meals, costs nothing & in abundant supply. We believe that Gratitude is of of the best medicines out there (Although we don’t recommend abandoning your prescription ones just yet).


There are many wonderful praises we can sing about Gratitude, but once we start we won’t be able to finish! So we’ll just impart upon you with some tips to get yourself started & see for yourself the immediate changes in your day.




Take a moment to close your eyes and bring to your mind’s eye something you are grateful for at this very moment, something that you can be thankful for having, seeing, experiencing (it can be anything, nothing is too small!) and tell us what you feel. Ahhhhhh maybe your chest is rising already, followed by feeling of warmth radiating from your heart, before a sweet, gentle and lovely smile starts appearing on your face.



You see, life is not what happened before it is what is happening now. It is true that the last breath you had is the one that brought you to the moment you are at, but it’s the present one that still keeps you alive.

The past is an excellent reference point if you know how to use it, but becomes a lousy way of living if it becomes your primary focus. You hear tales, or have even experienced it yourself. Feeling stuck in past events & happenings; going over it like a broken record. As your attitude determines your reality, these unhealthy ‘thought loops’ may even adversely affect your life in the long run.

All that we can do at this moment to live entirely, wholly by our own higher quality & well deserved standards, to make good choices & take practical, beneficial action to really have the life that we want & deserve is…The Present Moment!                                      Hold on a second, let us rig up the microphone & say that again…


Could y’all hear us in the back?

Now, it’s all fine & dandy to say what The Present Moment is, after all, there are numerous books out there that expand more on this idea, which are all fantastic reads & we highly recommend them. All the information you will come across will show you this.

The Present Moment is not measured by this exact minute at this exact place at this time. That is to take the literal meaning of the phrase. Instead; The Present Moment is the moment is Right Now; the moment where you are entirely responsible for yourself. This moment in time where your actions count. Not the Past – where things have already happened & cannot be changed, nor the Future – where things haven’t happened yet. So The Present Moment is where things really matter because at the Present Moment your actions is what determines what happens to you. In The Present Moment you have a blank canvas in front of you to colour however you please. You use the paints of your past experience to paint what you desire. Gratitude is the brush, the instrument to guide you.

Bringing Gratitude into your life, betters all of the cells in your body and makes your organs function efficiently. Significant chemical reactions happening all around the body including that at a neuronal level and which determines the release of this and that hormone and other stuff I am not here to mention (do your homework! right?!) But take it from us, it’s all the good chemicals that are being released.

By bringing Gratitude into your life now, at this very moment, you bring yourself instantaneously in a resourceful space ready to make the next choice one that counts. Gratitude enables you to make the next resolution and action efficiently bringing meaningful results into your life the way you want it to be.

So, if you haven’t done it just yet, bring an aspect of Gratitude in your mind and meditate upon it. Your life will take another turn. Not only will you be able to choose and act efficiently but you will notice growth offering refreshing and more significant opportunities coming out of nowhere or even better, from everywhere!

And if you’re asking yourself ‘’Should I be grateful for the experiences that I did not wish to happen?’’

Well, this is a bit of a delicate situation, but we ultimately believe Yes. Sometimes these experiences become the push we subconciously, or consciously need to learn to be the better version of ourselves. The reason may come from a higher place & the experience is merely the carrier for the lesson. Once we have understood what is being taught to us, we learn to let it go as it no longer serves us.

Bringing gratitude into these moments doesn’t mean that we are accepting for it to happen again, but to simply accept that it has happened, to receive the lesson with gratitude & let it go.

We believe that many of the experiences that we have serve to guide us on our path. It may seem like a bitter pill to swallow at the time, but may give us peace in the future. You don’t have to do it alone either, if you have friends, a confidante or professional & competent people in your life, please seek their support & advice if you think you need it. And again, have gratitude that they are here for you.

Now..If you arrived up to here reading all this which came out to be an essay on gratitude instead of a quick post, there is one last thing I want you to know, and that is:


Have a grateful, excellent, abundant day and the whole year!

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