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364 Days of Excellence: Day 2 – Set yourself for Abundance

Thought of the day – Not settling for less than you deserve is not arrogance, it is Self                                                                               Respect.


The meter in which we use to judge what we do & don’t deserve can only be truly adjusted by having a deep relationship with the Real Self. The Real Self can be defined in multiple ways depending on your own perspective. In the dictionary, the Real Self is categorized as ‘’an individual’s unique wishes & emotions [&] the potential on their part for future growth as a Being.’’


The Real Self is made up of the cores of our beliefs, loves, dreams & hopes, our loves, passions. It is what we were made to be. That is not to say that we are the jobs we have or the possessions we own. Our Real Self is measured by something intangible yet concrete. It forms the basis of our lives, but too often we lose sight of this Truth & instead settle for less.


Because of our commitments to jobs, bills, relationships & responsibilities, the interactions between our external environments do not align with our internal desires. A common example of this is something we’re sure most of us can relate to. Let us think back to when we were younger & more removed from the mechanisms of Reality. As children we lived in a world of wonder, excitement & curiosity. Our imaginations had no bounds. We could conjour up mystical far away lands where we became warriors, magicians & dinosaurs. The world we saw held limitless potentials waiting to for us to discover them. All of us, at one point or another, wanted to be astronauts & artists but somewhere along the way, we lost that spark. We may have been told by our parents to get a ‘proper job’ or our imaginations were pushed to the back seat to make way for other subjects. Sometimes it can even be ourselves who have talked ourselves out of these ‘childish fancies’. Whatever reasons we have; these are the elements that have made us who we are. Without them, we wouldn’t be right here, right now. All the choices we have made have taken us down the path we’re meant to walk. Now we find ourselves at this intersection.And we want to make something happen.


The very notion of this present moment means that we are ready to uncover more Truths. We are no longer satisfied with what we know & are curious for more knowledge or feelings or immagination or actions or noactions or just more love. These thoughts are markers along the path towards a deeper understanding with our Real Self.


There are various methods of connecting with our inner energy & we are blessed to be in a time where there are multitudes of books, guides, mentors & resources out there that can help us. There is no one ‘right’ way of doing this. As we mentioned in the previous chapter; simply try them all out & see which resonate with you. Even starting the habit of slowing things down & observing your thoughts. Walk slower, eat slower, talk slower and breathe slower & deeper. By slowing down our thought processes, we allow ourselves the opportunity to understand easier.


This takes practice & patience. What we are essentially doing is taking a step back. To become the observer of our lives & emotions rather than simply being a slave to them. In time, many Truths will unearth themselves & be brought to the light. And it is only in the light that we can see them clearly & truthfully. This is a perpetual evolution of Self. We continue to move forwards in an everlasting path of self-improvement, of deeper understanding & wisdom.


When you are in a deep relationship with your Real Self, you discover the place where All is One. In that place, self-respect & self-love become paramount. Love becomes an integral part of your life. We feel Whole, connected to ourselves & the Universe. There is no distinction, no separation between what we really are & what we can achieve.


In such a place, there is no need to take more than we deserve because there is already abundance, and in abundance, we always make what we need in the time we need it, not more but also not less. Because we are in that place of stillness, calm & consciousness, we are inevitably better human beings for it. Challenges will still appear, but now we are equipped with the tools & knowledge to be resourceful, respectful & grateful.


In this aethereal place, we are so full of Love & positive energy that we simply do not have the space for lesser vibrations such as arrogance or anger. Where we once might have been triggered by the slightest malfunction, as we choose to seek more understanding, we realise that arrogance & fear plays no useful part in our Being. They are merely a symptom of a greater problem within us that needs to be resolved.


We are not saying that there is a utopian Shamballa-esque destination to be reached – because as we talked about before, Perfection is unrealistic – rather, these are states of Being that are in a state of constant evolution. It is a growing process that never ceases, but only continues to bring clarity & insight. If we still feel an attachment to arrogance, or we know someone is, the solution is easy! Simply practice more Gratefulness & Abundance! We’re only human & we will make mistakes. But we’re all here for each other; to help each other if possible, to collectively raise each other’s vibrations & cure ourselves of our hubris.


Don’t worry if this is all a bit much to take in, this won’t occur overnight, it takes many humbling experiences to really hammer than nail in . In fact we, ourselves, are still practicing this!


At the end of the day; you are what you believe. The way we perceive our reality is entirely up to us. If we believe that we’re at a place that makes us unhappy but refuse to take any action, then we will continue to exist at that vibration. However, if we believe that we are in a place of Love, Abundance & Peace, and we take action to make it so, then logically, so it shall be.


The Universe, God, The Aether, Universal Love or even Athiesm; wherever your belief system aligns, know that is more present than we think. It serves to help us rather than hinder. All the obstacles that come our way are challenges that make Life spontaneous. It encourages us to grow. If we choose to meet it halfway, it will agree. The Universe is a mirror for our own energy. Whatever we put out, it reflects. The more we practice what aligns with our Real Self, the more synchronicities & opportunities will appear.



So let’s declare today (and every other day after this) the Official Day of Abundance! Share a smile. Gift a hug. Call your mum! Perform any little act of kindness simply for the sake of it!


Have an excellent, abundant day! Or an abundant excellent day, or an excellently abundant day! Or even abundantly excellent day! Why not all of the above? You do you!