Why Dragon Energy & ABM

Why would I come to the Dragon Energy & Applied Breakthrough Meditation Workshop?

This is a great and simple step journey. It represents a sizable opportunity to reconnect with your true self, to tap into your true essence, detecting tension and blockages and being able to remove them and being in control of your life. Appling this techniques to your daily challenges you will perform at your best under any circumstance as a result. You’ll also be able to see obstacles in their true nature and use them as useful tools for you to thrive and develop.


Most of the troubles we experience in life are related to the fact that we see obstacles as negative entities. Often we freeze and panic when we meet obstacles so we form problems.

Imagine if this weren’t the truth, how would you feel? Imagine obstacles weren’t your enemies but your friends, imagine them as little personal trainers or yoga teachers instead of solid unbreakable stones to be moved around wherever you go. Maybe your shoulders dropped and you are feeling more relaxed at this very moment already because that’s how I felt when I came across this distinction.

When we meet an obstacle we freak out because straight away our nervous system says that we should not have them!

We often relate obstacles to few negative things like for example being unsuccessful or being a failure. So we get not only scared but also scattered because they told us we couldn’t fail. Afterwards, we still think and behave like we live in a prehistoric age when if you fail to escape from a predator you die! It is good to fail time-to-time cause it is a lesson and after a failure, you can only do better. Success is not accountable for how many times you did things well but more for how many times you have been able to stand up again after you have fallen.

Our body is a pretty well-designed machine which has all the kit we need just like inspector gadget and when we meet an obstacle we build intense emotive state which represents nothing else than the energy necessary to solve the situation but we let ourselves being controlled by fear and insecurity so we think we are having a panic attack.

Other than that, we can be quite spoiled too and we associate to obstacles to something negative just because they separate us from where we are to where we want to be and here we go that the tantrum sometimes it becomes the problem. Off course there is some humour in what I am saying but in general, because they represent the difficulties we encounter in our journey, we miss to think that the resistance they offer is a force necessary for us to thrive.

It is like the weight you need to lift when you are at the gym or the stretching position you need to hold when you are at yoga! Would you go into a gym and pretend to grow muscles lifting nothing? Or would you think you would feel nice and relaxed in balance with your body and mind going to a yoga lesson without stretching? I really don’t think so. Then how do you think you would grow without obstacles and challenges?

In fact, they represent not only the process we need to develop in order to grow but also the knowledge needed to sustain our growth.

Imagine you want to be a firefighter and the same day you apply to be one, they give you all the gear and send you out on a mission. Yes, without training. What do you think it will happen? Best case scenario you would be pretty useless.

There we go! The training, so the obstacles and the challenges, are necessary to you in order to sustain successfully who you want to be.

This doesn’t mean that if you don’t have obstacles you are not growing and you need to go and find some, it means that when you have them just embrace them as something that is giving you an opportunity, the opportunity to be a better version of yourself and be curious about it.

Off course we can’t only intellectualize, we need to put things into place by experience and to do so all we need are resources, techniques and strategies. You got resources already, everyone has, what we offer in the course are techniques and strategies to work with.

With these key elements and energy, you will be able to use what you thought was against you, as in fact working in your favour and as a consequence, you ‘ll see your strength going skyrocket thus promoting infinite growth and sustainable changes.

In this course, you will be able to work with the material you have been supplied by life to you and using effective you will be able to unfold your true potential and experience life as something you love under any circumstance.

Some feedback from previous courses:

“Your explanations using stories, examples and comparisons were excellent and easy to understand and I’m sure gave confidence to the participants including myself.”

“It was an exciting workshop, providing valuable information on techniques to remove obstacles towards becoming more authentic. Your methodology is simply structured and suitable for any person, experienced in meditation practice or not.”

“You offer a gift for others to awaken and/or explore their inner spiritual self, to become more self-aware and to shake off negative emotions that cloud logical thinking and behaviours whilst aiming for a sustained level of contentment, is unique and I am grateful to be part of your first group.”

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me by email at connect@omconnection.de.

I hope to see you at the next workshop.


Co-founder at Om Reiki Connection


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