Lunch Time Meditation in Berlin!

Meditation is taking over the world, finally, what a relief! For all!

This is a win-win operation. There is much to say about meditation, so many techniques that all lead to one, operational effective tool: the breath!

So if you are stressed, run down, depressed, lost in your thoughts and whatever else you know at list one thing, you are still breathing and what a good news!

Meditation is easy, achievable by anyone at anytime and the results are amazingly effective and yes, can be fun too!

Just five minutes a day can change your life. You can replace bad habits and starts new productive and empowering ones.

In those days where everyone is rushing, breaking the patterns is vital, in the real sense of the word. So taking a little time out of your day to rest and get out all your stress might sound like a great idea and almost impossible to achieve. Get that word out of your system, simple steps lead to great results.

People as been meditating for thousands of years and now the meditation trend is hitting the cities. Anyone has discovered or is about to discover the benefits of it. The corporate world is next to come. Many offices already provide space and time to profit from because if their employees are in balance, their company makes more profit and fewer people get sick.

Meditation gives you the possibility to create a new space where you can realign with yourself getting rid of the stress, negative patterns and bad behaviours. All of these components consumes all of your energies and let you being flat at the end of the day. You can not enjoy anything in your free time and makes you dragging around bad feelings being tired and inefficient (stressed) when you are at work.

Just imagine, how would that be to take another chance to live a beautiful and serene life regardless of how much do you work, what’s the pace of it, deadlines, productivity and so on. Sounds beautiful right? You need a holiday and you are just back from one! No, you need to start meditating and everything for you will start to fall in place!

You will discover a new you, serene, unaffected by negative stress-related circumstances. You will be able to take charge of your life once and for all, without the needs of pharmaceutical aids or empirical methods. You will discover your true powers that lead to happy choices and new chances in life.

Have ever considered giving up all your negative aspects of life investing just a little part of your day in Meditation? Well, this is the time to start, I bet you are willing to try. Many others already did and if you ask them they can give certainly an answer to your question ” does it really work?”

We give assistance to beginners, on your lunch break or after working hours.

Simply contact us and we will discuss your individual requirements …

Trust your feelings!!

Giampietro Pascasi

Co-founder at Om Reiki Connection


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