New Cycle!

It is with immense joy that we’d like to wish you an incredible, positive, constructive new adventure for this new cycle just commenced.

A major shift in energies therefore in consciousness is taking part as you breath in at this very moment and you are not only the recipient but also the contributor.

Therefore we’d like to invite you to the first new year Om Healing Meditation

This Thursday 5th January 2017 at Span Community House in Thornbury, Melbourne to help contribute to this flow of energy in an effective, powerful and determinant way.

As part of the practice there is the possibility to heal ourselves, the people and objects, situations we care about and finally this world we are part of. Bring yourself and a bottle of water so it can be positively energized, your best intentions and all of those things you need to be in balance with.

Looking forward to seeing you all and have a strong, energetic and positive start everyone.

Giampietro Pascasi
Co-founder at Om Reiki Connection

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