Keep the practice away from the experts

In today article I want to refer to all these courses running around about mindfulness practice, meditation and so on including my courses. I have noticed that most of them are now reaching the level of  no-comprehensiveness  and people are falling for it as we did for any other qualifications before, it is like we still like to identify ourselves with the name of a diploma instead of the real experience. The service we are called to provide with what we achieved is far more than our ego. This represents the ultimate frontier of the “showing off”, it is a matter of fact that being mindful is considered cool, regardless if you are or you are really not.  It is very important at this stage that every one is willing to help with the transitioning from an extreme materialistic humanity to a more compassionate and aware one and to promote a smoother and less traumatic process to evolution at this critical stage as best as we can.

At the fall of all the other concepts related to the foundation of this system we are living right now based on greed, consumerism and ego centrism, which brought humanity to the edge of self-destruction on a physical and emotional level, there is the rise of the word which everybody is bombarded with called “Mindfulness”.

Many of you might find this article offensive and I am ready to get your criticism, but if that is the case I invite you to reevaluate your opinion by taking no further advantage from what your doing or thinking about the subject and look at it from a broader prospective not necessarily connected only with your own one. Contemplate the real values that you associate with this type of practice and then be open to re discuss it. I am sure everyone is operating from the space of the heart and this is a message of awareness.

Like Yoga in the last twenty years mindfulness seems to be the last oracle for the dreamed world of well-being. The results are both incontestable and effective (after all this is a practice that has been around since the beginning of time) there are all sort of teachers, centres, blogs and experts associated with it. And here is the magic pill, teaching courses with the most difficult names and abbreviation.. yes just like university style.. ICHHT BNVMT and so on. I wont be harsh. I like variety of all types after all and there is nothing bad about taking courses. There is also a lot of people working well and the fact that a subject like this one is becoming mainstream is more than great, I just want to highlight some aspects people might benefit from, so to not reproduce the illusion we lived for so long by dressing it in different clothes, the disempowering illusion of non worthiness and exclusiveness.

To all of these people though that aim to be at service and who are lost after their graduation in this and that course I’d like to say that you are doing alright and thanks for contributing to the cause but also do your best to work it to the next level. Money is a component it is not the goal, neither is your coolness in doing it. Pursuing nothing else rather than this, might get high but not far. Do not fall in the course of false prophecy it has been done already and we are getting out of it with the same process you are trying to promote “Awareness”.

I have personally followed that way. For a period of time I thought I was special, I knew more than most of the people around me knew and that felt good, there is nothing bad about asking for money in return of a service, I still perceive it and it is the only form of income for myself, it is great so far but I had the opportunity to get in touch with a more humble and deeper part of myself too which has shown me another way to see it and this way it is most convenient for me and others and which I found makes me far happier than I was before.

If anything my practice has taught me, it is to be in control of my life and to do so being able to be on control of my brain and thought process. This is what I have experienced and this is what I want to pass on. You are the one who is in control of your brain, no one else, don’t let anybody take responsibility for it, doesn’t matter how many stars are on his/her curriculum. Following this pace we see diplomas, university courses with fancy names about mindfulness before having serviced, practiced and experienced.

This doesn’t mean you wont need to subscribe to courses of your choice, take as many courses as you wish and wish all the best to those who organise these activities with their best intent, it means to give these courses and activities the space and the value they deserve.

All i am say is that You don’t need a certification to be a master of the discipline either to teach it to somebody else. It’s like teaching a mother how to be a mother. It is a matter of fact that a mother already knows how to be it without the need of a certificate, certainly she might need guidance from somebody else whom is more experienced but for sure a diploma would not make her one.

In a world where education is the first source of mind conditioning based on a business plan, the last thing we need is mind conditioning in the matter of mindfulness. There is exceptional work which people are doing all around the globe on the subject. People at service,  mentors, that offer guidance although we need to move them away from the role of being teachers, they are not teachers, they are guides, you are your own teacher!  You are the teacher and the student.

There are also all sort of mimics, people who run after hype, money or success. Nothing wrong with it as much as you are aware of these possibilities and you know what you want to get from these scenarios.

When you are aware, you are in control, despite your need to experience all sort of things, these being painful or pleasurable. It is part of the growing process and it is all a matter of attitude and associations, don’t be paranoid. Tour the best you can between the waves of your experiences.

Meditation has depth, the more you do it the more you discover. One day you will notice you have all the answers and it is just a matter of asking the right questions that counts for a more accomplished and serene life.

This is the sort of thing you can build on your own, it is within you not without, your experiences are what counts more than what anybody else is trying to tell you including myself. Go out and try, this is good, this is bad, this is not as good, this is fun.. .It is all a matter of opinion, belief or conviction and all of these feelings can be shifted at any given moment by you or anybody else.

Then get inward and call upon your true nature, because you are immense, you are beautiful, you have the most precious quality you might only see in others. All you can see in the universe you can discover it within yourself, you just need to get in touch with it, see it with your own spiritual eyes and accept the guidance, it is always worth it but always consider that you are the ultimate result of yourself.

You are the practice and the practice is you, and sooner than you know we will find together all in the same space, is it not what everybody has been trying to say for all these years after all?

You are the expert of your practice nobody else is, it doesn’t matter what they say, how many certificates they might have or how fancy their studios are, keep this in mind.

You are the main actor IN YOUR PRACTICE, make sure you know this and than you will have revealed that the connection between all souls and their manifestations, the link between our creations, the illusion behind ones minds is what we prefer to call reality at present stage and the real truth is in the most sacred and safe place you might find it if you will.. in your heart.


With Love and Passion

Giampietro Pascasi

Co-founder at Om-i



Lunch Time Meditation!

Meditation is taking over the world, finally, what a relief! For the practioner or teacher or coach and for the meditator , student , recipient.

This is a win-win operation. There is much to say about meditation, so many techniques that all lead to one, operational effective tool: the breath!

So if you are stressed, run down, depressed, lost in your thoughts and whatever else you know at list one thing, you are still breathing and what a good news!

Meditation is easy, achievable by anyone at anytime and the results are amazingly effective and yes, can be fun too!

Just five minutes a day can change your life. You can replace bad habits and starts new productive and empowering ones.

In those days where everyone is rushing breaking the patterns is vital, in the real sense of the word, so taking a little time of your day to rest and getting out all your stress levels might sounds a great idea almost impossible to achieve. Get that word out of your system, simple steps lead to great result.

People as been meditating for thousands of years and now the meditation trend is hitting the cities. Anyone has discovered or is about to discover the benefits of it. Corporate world is next to come. Many offices already provides space and time to profit from because if their employees are in balance,their company  makes more profit and less people get sick.

Meditation gives you the possibility to create a new space where you can realign with yourself getting rid of the stress, negative patterns and bad behaviors.All of these components consumes all of your energies and let you being flat at the end of the day.  You can not enjoy anything in your free time and makes you dragging around bad feelings being tired and inefficient(=stressed) when your are at work.

Just imagine, how would that be to take another chance to live a beautiful and serene life regardless of how much do you work, what’s the pace of it, dead lines , productivity and so on. Sounds beautiful right? You need an holiday and you are just back from one! No you need to start meditating and everything for you will start to fall in place!

You will discover a new You, serene, uneffected  by negative stress related circumstances.You will be able to take charge of your life once and for all, without the needs of pharmaceutical aids or empirical methods. You will discover your true powers  that lead to happy choices and new chances in life.

Have ever considered giving up all your negative aspects of life investing just a little part of your day in Meditation? Well this is the time to start, i bet you are willing to try. Many others already did and if you ask them they can give certainly an answer to your question ” does it really work?”

We give assistance to beginners, at your lunch break or after work hours.

Simply contact us and will discuss your individual session or group sessions…

Trust your feelings!!

Giampietro Pascasi

Co-founder Om-i


New Cycle!

It is with immense joy that we ‘d like to wish you an incredible, positive, constructive new adventure for this new cycle just commenced.

A major shift in energies therefore in consciousness is taking part as you breath in at this very moment and you are not only the recipient but also the contributor.

Therefore we’d like to invite you to the first new year Om Healing Chanting Meditation

This Thursday 5th of January 2017 at Span Community House in Thornbury, Melbourne to help contribute to this flow of energy in an effective, powerful and determinant way.

As part of the practice there is the possibility to heal ourselves, the people and objects, situations we care about and finally this world we are part of. Bring yourself and a bottle of water so it can be positively energized, your best intentions and all of those things you need to be in balance with.

Looking forward to seeing you all and have a strong, energetic and positive start everyOne.

Giampietro Pascasi