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Om Healing Meditation: Berlin, Germany

Om Reiki Connection originated in Italy after and was developed from the practice of the Om Healing technique of the Dhyana Centre in London.

The fundamentals of this ancient method is to chant the spiritual syllable all together in a group thus creating the flow of energy responsible for healing effects.


Facilitator & Practitioner
Giampietro Pascasi

Giampi , Om-i

Born in L’Aquila Italy, Giampietro had its first encounter with energy fields at early age. Later in life, he discovered the power of mantras and connected with the Soka Gakkay for a short period of time. Moving forward, Giampietro attended a seven week meditation course held by the Dhyana Centre in London, where he also became familiar with the Om Healing practice, under the auspices of the Theosophical Society (London branch).
Giampietro then become a member of Theosophical Society (TS) in 2010 and was awarded of a Diploma in Theosophical Studies in 2013.
The benefit he received from the practice of Om Healing encouraged him to bring it with him back to Italy and create a group under the name of Om-insieme. Om-i has extended the practice to many places around Italy and Australia.
The aim of the group is to introduce the practice to as many people as possible in order to help them to re-establish a deeper connection with consciousness as individuals and as a whole and to heal the planet and all forms of life in order to assist with the evolutionary plan.
Since recently moving to Australia, he came across something he had wanted to do for a while and so began his way to the Reiki practice and became a Reiki Master in Traditional Eastern Usui Reiki Ryoho and become a member of the Australian Reiki Connetion inc. (ARC).
He also became Pellowah healing technique practitioner.
Giampietro is now devoted to the practice of these healing methods and gives regular treatments and run several courses.

Om Healing Meditation is an ancient group healing activity based on chanting the syllable OM for a set period of time in a specific formation.
Whilst chanting the syllable, it is possible to realign ourselves within and around us thus creating a shift on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. The strong vibration of the Om syllable generates a flow of energy which removes existing and future energy blockages and thus strengthens our bio-energetic field and contributes to self healing abilities. On a physical level, when all the organs resonate at the same frequency they tend to harmonise and cooperate more efficiently thus promoting health benefits.
This activity is also highly recommended to those people looking to improve their meditative abilities and also beginners who are taking their first steps.

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